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Problem: Forum panel level vs other panel level

i have a display problem with the forum.
On everyside, but the Forum the left panels start on the same level with the center panel. But if i want to have a look on the forum topics or on a forum itself, it will start on a lower position than the left panel.
I also found the reason, why if you compare the source code of the forum page and the home page, in the forum page you will find "" right after the <!-- error_handler -->
On the home page the "" wont be there.
If I inspect the element in my browser and remove the "" the forum page will be on the same level as the left panel.

My problem is that i cant find the file and line which causes this problem.
I hope anyone can help me with this issue.

Thanks in advanced.
schlumpf attached the following file:
forum_screen.png [169.13kB / 68 Downloads]
home_screen.png [130.44kB / 61 Downloads]
probably because of the theme

attach zip theme
Just to test, i tried about 7 different themes. The problem is the same on every theme.
Hi. It would be easier for us to help if you post your website url.

Solved the problem....weird.
I copied the main.php of locale/English/forum and replaced the main.php of locale/German/forum

Next i copied every single line from the original german main to the new one. now its working.

I double checked the files 5 times, and there was no error, even when i removed every single line from the previous german main.php it was not working. but right after copying the main from the english locale it was working.
but thank you anyways.
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