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RGB Theme v. 0.2 Test-Release

I've been working on a new theme, and I'll like you guys to test it for me (or just use it, as it is - thats fine with me).
The theme is ready for use, as it is now - as a normal theme. The testing is about the special panels you can make with this theme - that's what I'll especially like to get some feedback on, if everything also works fine for you guys, when using those special features that I'm mentioning in the description below.

This is the RGB theme, or: the Red, Green and Blue theme, or: the rgb-color theme - hence the name.

Special features:
- Mixed color panels option, with collapsible center panels - create a side- or center panel with any of the 3 color-options and mix them any way you want.
You can also change the colors of the standard panels, like the Latest Downloads Panel, the User Info Panel ect.
How-To(s), are included in the readme.txt - I recommend, that you read it through carefully.

- Drop-down Menu. I have keept the standard Site Links menu along side the drop-down menu, so the theme now has 2 menus - but it can easily be adjusted to have only one of them or, none of them, if that is, what you want.

- Icon UserBar, on the top right, above the header (and balancing the drop-down menu on the left), showing the same options as the user_info_panel offers
(incl. Admin, if rights given + number of PMs you have got, if any - e. g. [1]) - when logged in.
Guests see the icons for: Login, Lost password and Register (if disabled in admin. settings, the Register icon/link will not show either).
The tooltips, explaining the icons/images function, is coded with the standard core locales, so they will display in your sites own language.

XHTML and CSS3 valid theme:
This Theme is W3C standard, XHTML 1.0 Transitional, and CSS level 3, valid.
- which means, that this theme renders flawlessly on most modern browsers.

- Optimized the panel title-background images - pngs, instead of, gifs.
- Changed the sub-links button(s) - images and borders - to get a better button-effect.
- Cleaned out the theme for images not used anymore - mostly the old gifs, which are now replaced by pngs, as mentioned.
No major code changes were made, it's mostly visual improvements that has been made, so I'll keep the version-number as it is, for now.

So, in light of the above, I'll recommend you to download this slightly improved version of the theme, if you want a better looking version, IMO anyway (allways a mater of personal taste - I know).

Version update:
Just wanted to let you know, that I've released a new version of the RGB theme.

0.1: First test-version.
0.2: Did some code clean-up and changed the page-nav.-buttons to match the different backgrounds they are displayed in (the classes: body, .main-body and .tbl2).
Optimized the background images on the top and the footer, and on the yellow standard button too.

You can get the new version here (same place as before):
i am currently testing your theme.
Thanks, Gillette :G - getting some feedback, would be nice! B)
Not sure if setting
define("THEME_WIDTH", "75%");

75% is a good default out of the box,as it renders forum width undesirable.

should this be 100%


75% is a good default out of the box,as it renders forum width undesirable.

If you mean, that the 75% is a good width, because it looks better, when looking at the forum, I agree!


should this be 100%

No! 75% width is, how it should be.
here's what I see using 75% theme width on a screen resolution of 1280x800

Seems like the panel does not "finish"/close as it should. I'm not sure what courses that, but I'll look into it and se what I can do.

Thanks, so far Gillette! B)
Your welcome I just setup a live /pf install also for testing.
I will be here for a bit doing some house cleaning in the forums and will check this thread for updates.
It's only when a big image, or the code-viewer are present, that the text-overflow is hidden, so the text don't show inside the "frame". When it's only text (and a small image), the text lines up on top of itself like it should. See screenshot (1280 x 800 px, 75% width):


P. S. Saw the PM. I'll answer that a little later. ;)

Have a fine day, Gillette - write you later...
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