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REQUEST: How to print custom pages ?

I have done searching and googling on how to make it possible to print custom pages, but no result :(

What I have in mind is something like what occurs in articles ...

thx in advance
Just what I wanted ... but it would be really nice if the print page would open in a separate window ... could you do that?
ok, I've done that. Uploaded file updated :)
Downloaded again - but it still opens in the same window

On your website it seems to function ...

SOLVED: I kept uploading the wrong file from the first download package :(

Merged on Oct 27 2013 at 05:31:01:
I have this custom page including

When printing the page it only shows the first page ... any solution?

How to move print icon

okay, try new version 1.02 :)

Open the file viewpage.php
In line 27-30 you can change the place where the Print-Image is shown.
You can set the variable $PrinterConfig to 0 or 1.

// Config

$PrinterConfig = 1;
// 1 = Add printer-image in opentable

// 0 = Add printer-image in Content

Theme Ddriag

Since is a mod themes don't have a general CSS rule for that icon nor can Basti use a CSS rule found in a particular theme as they differ from theme to theme, so you will have to do appropriate changes in order to fit your needs.


Basti wrote:

Should the entire Custom Page be printed, or only the part of each?

Thanx Basti - it's fine with page-by-page ;)
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