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Seach panels for forum

It´s called forum extention panel by matonor.
You could probably find it by searching for that, I checked our Database here but it´s not in this one.
Hi georgian!

I found an old version of the forum_extention_panel, but without the installation-instructions. And I can't remember how to install this panel. And I'm pretty sure, it needs to be updated to work with 7.02, to work right.

If anyone remembers, how to install this panel/infusion, please let us know, so we can make a readme with the description and install-instructions inside.

Here's the old, NOT TESTED, forum_extention_panel, made by Max "Matonor" Toball (and upgaded to V7 by someone else, as far as I can remember):

Update: I just tryed to infuse it as you do, with a normal normal infusion, and that seems to do the "trick": I can now see the statistics below the forum, and who's looking at the Forum at the moment ect.

In short: It seems to work right out of the box.
It automatically places a Lower panel, called the same, and set to display on all sites, like it should do.
So try to "infuse"/install it as a normal Infusion, but keep an eye out for bugs or errors, that may be a result of, that this was made for an older version, than 7.02.
thanks Harly , infusion goes well, I hope I have some problems with it, I'm sorry that there is something similar for version 07.02 xx
Your welcome, georgian! B)

Actually, I'm using this panel on my site right now, and everything works like it should.
It works so fine, that I'm going to keep that panel running on my site. So no need to worry about the update to 7.02, that I mentioned because, I'm beginning to think, it does not need to be upgraded at all - that I was wrong about that.
So just relax, and enjoy the Panel.
but panel "Wer ist online" from this site , where is for download?:)
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