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I need panel - "Top 5 Awarded Users"

Hello all, firstly I'm newbie on php fusion, so I need your help, I have award system, and I give awards to user's who earn it, and I want panel that shows: Top 5 awarded users.

This picture will show you, how I want:
I hope you can help me, thanks
perhaps serve this

horizontal sample

echo"<div style='text-align:center; padding-top:15px;'>\n";
   $utpdata = dbquery(
         "SELECT * FROM ".DB_USERS."
         WHERE user_awards>0
          AND user_status !=6
          AND user_status !=5
          ORDER BY user_awards DESC LIMIT 5
echo "<table border='0' width='100%'>\n<tr>\n";
      $i = 0;
      while($topdata = dbarray($utpdata)){
echo "<td>\n";

         if($i > 0)
            echo "";

      if ($topdata['user_avatar'] && file_exists(IMAGES."avatars/".$topdata['user_avatar']) && $topdata['user_status']!=6 && $topdata['user_status']!=5) {
         echo "<img src='".IMAGES."avatars/".$topdata['user_avatar']."' width='50' height='50' alt='".$topdata['user_name']."' title='".$topdata['user_name']."'/><br />\n";
      } else {
         echo "<img src='".IMAGES."avatars/noavatar50.png' width='50' height='50' alt='".$topdata['user_name']."' title='".$topdata['user_name']."'/><br />\n";
           echo "<span title='".$topdata['user_awards']." ".$locale['user_awards_001']."'>".profile_link($topdata['user_id'], $topdata['user_name'], $topdata['user_status'],  '' )."</span> (".number_format($topdata['user_awards']).") ";
echo "</td>\n";

echo "</tr>\n</table>\n";

Unknown column 'user_awards' in 'where clause' - that's what I get :(
award system version 2
if you went up the files

User field missing
you must install
administration >> USER >> User Fields
check this
Deactivated User Fields
Enable User field assigns a Category:
click Activate

with this we should work
Hi, thanks for helping me out, but firstly, yes files are where you said, secondly I got this error when I try to Create new panel, on Panel editing page, I cant create first.
So where are no this panel in User fields.
I've gotten modifying something the user field
DEMO http://co.laweb.es/profile.php?lookup=2

This award has not only allows administrators to grant awards

to obtain a summary by user
Does anyone know how to do?

create another field for the panel

No follow up in forum

Comments are deactivated in the addondb
request thread at forum
sorry, but I don't understand, I'm really begginer... I need everything step-by-step, I will reexplain what I need. I changed a little bit, maybe it will be easier for you, so I want that's like in photo, all information I can change manually, so I want, that it shows People who win most tournments, these people nickname's I will edit myself, and everything...

Maybe it's not a panel, I just need this info on my site left side, with name(most tournments won) and information(user1,user2 or sth else) if it's possible
I have this aggregate good
it is the infusion hall_of_fame_panel mine is modified
and even I have to add another insert and another function

I will create spanish locale
taking both teas can be achieved
and I can only create the side panel
Demo Top Awards

the downside is that you have to use both infusions for panel

anyway I will try this in a panel that does not require the infusion Hall Of Fame

and will put the steps and attachments will be little by little

my English is bad but we're going to do
Yes, this Demo exacly what I need, but I need it on left side panel. Thank you
I leave it there
ATTENTION infusion of this panel is installed requires award_system v2.0
upload folder to infusions
go to administration >> SYSTEM >> Pane
create select panel and create
after activating panel
local Spanish and English
Talocha attached the following file:
award_top_panel.zip [2.42kB / 329 Downloads]
Thank you it works great.

But maybe u can make a simple info panel, all the same but, that does not involve award_system, everything the same, just I can manually insert user nicknames and awards number.

It's something like table on side.
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