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EShop Infusion

It´s been a while since I released anything, since Arise anyway.
A eShop Infusion is something many have agreed that PHP-Fusion needs.
With this release I hope that everyone who see it will feel an urge to start a PHP-Fusion based estore ;)

This eShop system is quite large for a first release, that´s why I am starting to release it in the open testing area before making a public release.

Download : eShop

The shop is adapted to work best with the eShop theme , the eShop is prepared for V8.

In V8 it will get fluid rows and be fully responsive and what not.
The eShop theme is actually Bootstrap enabled and adjusted.
This naturally means that the shop also works pretty well with Bootstrap from start.

The readme is quite comprehensive, please go thru it for answers.
Also check the settings, you can control this shop well from it.

Some features the shop have :

* Highly customizable product view
* Fully dynamic cart actions
* Coupon system, Percent or Sum based with definable start and stop times.
* Featured products with customizable order and products for frontpage and each category.
* Featured headers with customizable order, banner rotator for frontpage and each category.
* 3 ribbon levels ( New,Campaign,Incoming )
* Sortable product ordering
* Sortable product image gallery's
* Unlimited Categories
* Customizable shipping methods
* Customizable payment methods
* Customizable callback scripts
* Comprehensive orders and orders history management
* Customer registry connected to user id´s
* Filtering options for both product search and general listings
* Automatic stock management
* Sold products counter
* Useable even if you have only a few products without categories
* PayPal ready to go out of the box
* Guests can shop

And ofc much more..

Temp demo site : http://eshop.venue.nu/infusions/eshop/eshop.php
Congratulations Domi... finally after months of doing this. We need this infusion officially stamped as first commercial wing for PHP-Fusion that will open a new broad horizon for us developers.
Congratulations! Looks great! :D
great job!
Very good! and much needed!

1- Will this have available multiple images including thumbs?
1-a Could this have Magnification while hovering hovering over image?
Great job Domi! :)
Nice stuff Domi, well done and great job!
I have tried countless times to make a decent eShop for PHP-Fusion and failed due to time constraints or lack of code understanding.

I bow to you, Domi, for completing what I couldn't!


I'll be testing this on my private site. I've been waiting for a nice shop for a long time.
Domi great job
I admire his works:G
Great Job!

I Think it's a great addition for PHP Fusion
Great Job! ;)
Great Job Domi.

I have a simple question. In the past i created a lot of sites using Opencart. In that ecommerce existe the option to add differents ways of payment. Here is Latin America we use a lot Mercadopago. This infusion will allow to add some new Payments methods?
Thank you everyone!
I am very happy to have received so much positive feedback.

If someone with good native English, US or UK dosen´t matter to me would like to give the English.php locale a good overhaul, please do. I have not done this yet.

For features questions please read the readme and check the first post, I did paste some key features there now.

1, Yes you can have multiple thumbs, each product have it´s own image gallery connected to it.
2, Anything is possible, but not coded in. The thumbs / image gallerys are shown when clicking in on a product. ( http://eshop.venue.nu/infusions/eshop/eshop.php?details=10 ) It´s actually a multilevel slideshow, click on a image and you will get an overlayed slide with max view size.
3, Yes you can add any payment method you want in just about any way you want.
3 examples is provided with the shop now.
One of the examples is a complete PayPal system for more advanced adaptations.

You can do custom code on the fly just like PHP-Fusion´s custom pages or you can put your new methods in a file and select from droplist just like a panel.

Anyway just give a go , I do not think many will lack that many options, it´s quite flexible.
nice ide, thanks
It´s getting to close to a public release, if anyone have something to report, please do.

I have fixed the following issues :
add_to_head when printing error from eshop theme.

Updated buynow.php with some order data.

Tons of minor space adjustments, It should run better default on more themes than iTheme and eShop Theme now.
That is a very nice infusion and i take my hat off to you its been a longtime coming and i will be sending some money at some point just becuase you have tackled this which many have felt it un important so a big old bonus coming your way soon and i have a few others that was wanting to buy this so maybe a pro version for payers and this can be a taster ;) so your hardwork can be paid for but eaither way main thing this is finally here lots will be over the moon and thank you for doing this top work .

what else can i say but just use ebay for any inspiration ;) there last version mind as they have messed with it as of late and its no longer user friendly in my view the feature i like was you could have saved searches and it would display a scroll bar with them in so you could flick through it and see all without jumping all over site from your summary page etc ;) just a thought

merry xmas domi and outsanding is my last word on this infusion
Great work! Well done. What paypal can we donate to?

Hi guy! Great infusion. I have taken the liberty of going through the English locale file and made some corrections and so forth. Also when you have created a category and then go to Products, selecting that category, you are presented with a product add screen basically, where there are multiple little ? Help icons. The javascript that was in place to display the help text was driving me crazy the way it would jump the screen; so I replaced the javascript calls with a new way to do it called Baloon Tips. It's still a js file with css but it works MUCH better. I will attach the changes here if you'd like to consider making my changes permanent.

Grimloch attached the following file:
eshop_updates.zip [27.89kB / 522 Downloads]
Thank you,
I will look at the updates tomorrow, thank you for the updates.

It´s nice to see that so many want to donate :)

I hope to be able to release the updated version tomorrow.

I added a CRL option to the shop , so people get a little extra if they purchase that one while also supporting the future development of the shop.

CRL can be purchased here eShop CRL (Need to register for domain info where this CRL belong)

Separate donations can be made to donations@venue.nu
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