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Thanks. I've updated the productsearch.php on the server but it still doesn't exclude the `hidden` items from the search. I suspect I may be suffering from a cache problem because the code looks fine.

I've updated the previous post with the correct error message.
You can fix the search on line 47 in productsearch.php, change
$result1st = dbquery("SELECT * FROM ".DB_ESHOP." WHERE title LIKE '%$search%' ORDER BY ".$filter." ");

$result1st = dbquery("SELECT * FROM ".DB_ESHOP." WHERE active = '1' AND ".groupaccess('access')." AND title LIKE '%$search%' ORDER BY ".$filter." ");

Nearly fixed it by setting:
Active = Disabled
Access = Administrator

Products are not listed in the shop but when the search function is used it lists the `hidden` products and when you click on them the page shows an error "Unfortunaly we could not retrive your requested data".
This is a bit confusing to customers.

So I've resorted to mySQL as follows to create a table with the removed products in so I can reload them later.
CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `phpf_eshop_dewar` like `phpf_eshop`;
INSERT `phpf_eshop_dewar` SELECT * FROM `phpf_eshop` WHERE `cid`=1;
Delete FROM `phpf_eshop` WHERE `cid`=1;

That should indeed do the trick, is there any group options?, Access levels. Can set admin to some items or groups.
This must have come up before but I haven't spotted it.

I need to temporarily "remove" some products from my shop. I do not wish to delete them as they apply to an annual competition and will be needed again next year.

When I set a product's active state to "disabled" it is still listed in the shop for customers. Am I doing something wrong or is there another way to stop products being shown to customers?
Actually, a quicker way was to go in PHPadmin and query the DB as follows:
SELECT `id`, `title`, `description`, `iorder` FROM `phpf_eshop` ORDER by `iorder`

then edit the iorder value and refresh the query until the products were in the right order.
Your memory serves you correctly. I've now got around it by manually setting the sort order number.
It's a great little shop. Are you working on a F9 version?
I get it now, definatly a wierd bug, but you can edit each item and set a manual order ( 4 / 11 etc ) if my memory serves me right. I do not have a system with it installed atm.
I can send you a screenshot. I couldn't figure out how to include it in the post.
At the top of page 2, I can only push it down as there is no up arrow.
I do have a hard time to wrap my head around the issue you describe. However, Just push a top item and the other will move regardless.It is not a fix but a work-around.
Sorry for delayed reply, other stuff got in the way.
I've checked 2point0, Aer, Atlantis, Fumaeleon, Gillette, Modern10, Pastel, Phos, Stylo,and galopcu. They all do it.
Hi, please try with another theme and see if the same issue is there.
I cannot see a way to search the support forum to see if this issue has already been raised so apologies if this is a repeat.

When I Select a category for product management the edit page is displayed with a list of products at the bottom.
Although I don't have many products they do require two pages.
At the bottom of the list on the first page the Order / # column only displays an up arrow so I am unable to push the item further down the product list order. Similarly on the second page, the Order / # column only displays a down arrow so I am unable to push the item further up the product list order. In effect the products cannot be moved from one page to the next.

The double arrow seen elsewhere should also be displayed on the last/first line where the is a page break in the listing.
I've been looking for a clean and simple CMS based website for a while. Looks like f7 is ideal. It works straight out of the box and I can configure the vast majority of it to suit my needs. Brilliant! Then I found the eShop. Brilliant again!

I've had a few glitches but that was me changing things in one browser tab (admin) while checking the effect in another tab (the shop) and the browser hadn't updated when I thought it had.

I have a small issue. I intend to use the shop to sell entries in competitions. The help popup for the stock value looked ideal as I start with 9 available entries. In terms of numbers we are not Amazon! Going from green to orange at 5 left seemed ideal, but it doesn't actually do it.

Reading the help popup again there is a gap in the logic between 5+ and 10+ left.

For me it would be ideal if it did go from green to orange at 5 left but I appreciate it may be easier to edit the help text. In fact I appreciate that the focus is on f9. So I've posted this to ensure this minor issue doesn't flow through into the eShop update for f9.

I loaded a copy of f9 just to see what it looks like and it looks great!
Keep up the good work.
Hello, I wanted to ask is here anybody who can make that people can submit what they want to sell and on selling product says who uploaded it? Its really important for me. Thank you.


Example on PayPal are included, same procedure for all the rest but prolly need to decode respective API´s and implement it that way. Some systems have a global solution where you only need to use 1 api for several methods.
- by Falk

I'm not good with that type of stuff so would definitely need a little help with it.
Example on PayPal are included, same procedure for all the rest but prolly need to decode respective API´s and implement it that way. Some systems have a global solution where you only need to use 1 api for several methods.
How would one go about adding payment methods like Stripe, Circle Pay, Payza, Skrill and etc to this so that payments via those processors can be made automatically without the need to send payment requests and etc. to the customer? Any plans to add new payment methods?
Is this a multi vendor shop? Can anyone that has permission post products or is it for a single vendor only? This would be ideal if it were something that could easily be a multi vendor platform for my handmade crafts community/shop.
Thank you, please see this https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=33799&pid=202247#post_201957
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