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The readme is quite comprehensive, please go thru it for answers.
Also check the settings section, you can control this shop well from it.

Some features the eShop have :

* Highly customizable product view
* Fully dynamic cart actions
* Coupon system, Percent or Sum based with definable start and stop times.
* Featured products with customizable order and products for frontpage and each category.
* Featured headers with customizable order, banner rotator for frontpage and each category.
* 3 ribbon levels ( New,Campaign,Incoming )
* Sortable product ordering
* Sortable product image gallery's
* Unlimited Categories
* Customizable shipping methods
* Customizable payment methods
* Customizable callback scripts
* Comprehensive orders and orders history management
* Customer registry connected to user id´s
* Filtering options for both product search and general listings
* Automatic stock management
* Sold products counter
* Useable even if you have only a few products without categories
* PayPal ready to go out of the box with an IPN Verify Example
* Guests can shop

And ofc much more..

Changelog 1.1

* The shop can now handle . Separated prices. ( 9.49 ) etc
* All instances with http://"+window.location.hostname+"/ have been changed to '.$settings['siteurl'].' in functions, it will add better support for subdirs.
* Cart is no longer visible on checkout when purchasing buynow products.
* Buy now products will from now on be saved to the records as intended.
* Changed ouid from int to varchar for guest IP´s to be stored, this change also fix the no orderID bug when a PM is sent from guests that shop.
* Fixed a bug with filters that would reset on category change.
* Fixed a bug in productsearch.php where pagenav would not be active if filters had not been initiated by user.
* Fixed a bug where pagenav could go inactive within categories and featured products.
* Added an automatic replace of , to . for weight when saving products to avoid faulty input and denied messages.
* Added an automatic replace of , to . for price when saving products to avoid faulty input and denied messages.
* Added better support for other locale special characters in the preg_match section for product handling.
* More special chars are allowed in the Title and Dynamic fields.
* Added a category check to admin photo gallery´s edit link.
* Guest´s customer names is not linkable in to the customer DB anymore.

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I uploaded the eShop infusion and everything seems to work except that when I try to add something to the cart, it does not get added and there is a message that says "There is something wrong". Where do I start looking for the problem?
Are you running latest PHP-Fusion?
It could be a jquery issue, update the jquery version.
http://jquery.com/download/ Right click on the link , save as jquery.js
replace your current one in includes/jquery
There is no includes folder in the eShop infusion. Do I have the wrong version downloaded?
It´s in your PHP-Fusion root folder.
Unfortunately that did not fix the problem. Perhaps I should defuse and start over again.
I don´t think reinstalling would give a new result, pherhaps of the download would have gone corrupt and you re-download and replace all files. But this problem dosen´t sound like such issue.
Please provide a link so I can test it and maybe see where it goes wrong.
It´s a new issue that haven´t been reported before, it would be nice to pin it down.
One thing you can test if you have some panels that could collide with the script, turn everything you have off and see how it works.
I deleted a panel that was using jquery thinking that might be the problem, and there are no other panels that would interfere that I am aware of. I have set it up on a test site at http://www.fredbonani.com/mytestsite/
The site path seems to be the issue, seems that we could have some issues when running your site in a subdirectory.
Anyway, to fix it open functions.php

Change to


All instances.
That fixed it. I will have to remember to change that when I put it on the live site. Thanks for the follow up and fix.

I supposed you saw the error msg that pops up when you go to the site:

module freichatx says: hardcode.php file not found!

I had a freichat_panel which I deleted along with the tables in the database but cannot figure out where that is coming from. Would have any ideas?
You should do
echo "http://".$settings['siteurl']."/infusions/eshop/cartaction.php";

var siteurl = ".$settings['siteurl'].";

Add some more symbols, like this, because of string:


var siteurl = '".$settings['siteurl']."';
Along the same lines, I am getting an error message when trying to add a payment method and/or a shipping method. The error msg is "Something went wrong" and it appears at the bottom of the cart display where it shows the amount owed. Is that related to the problem I had as noted in my previous post?

EDIT: I just noticed however, that the confirmation email sent to the purchaser shows the Order Summary correctly.

Order summary
Subtotal 3 item(s) : 40.00 USD
VAT : 4% : 1.60 USD
Discount : 0
Payment method surcharge : 0 USD
Shipping cost : 69 USD
Total : 110.60 USD
One last question and it deals with setting up a PayPal surcharge. PayPal charges a flat fee of 2.7% of the purchase price plus .45. So the PayPal surcharge for a $40.00 order would amount to $1.53. I have not been able to figure out how to apply these surcharges...is it even possible to do so?
@ JoiNNN,PolarFox

You are both right, thank you ;)



Is that related to the problem I had as noted in my previous post?

Yes it´s the same, you have more places where it would need to be updated for that change in functions.php


PayPal surcharge

The surcharge for payments are flatrate, One fixed sum.
OK, I changed the references in functions.php as suggested in your previous post and it seems to have corrected the error msg. I am now trying to figure out how to set up the PayPal charge in such a way to have a flat rate as noted in your response.
Just change the surcharge on Payment settings > PayPal, ( Click the name in the list to edit current )
Any number you set goes, It´s fixed sum by selected currency.
I know how to change the surcharge itself, I need to figure out how to set it so that regardless of the purchase price, the surcharge will equal the amount that PayPal will charge or as close to it as I can.

Also, when checking out, it forces you to choose a shipping mode and in most cases I will not have shipping charges. How do I prevent the forced shipping method? Can I add a shipping method that has no feeand if so how do I do so?
Turkish Locale file And do you have

http://translate.google.com.tr/ translate :)

You can just add a entry with 0 cost and a suitable name.
Or you can edit checkout.php and remove

if (!shipcheck) {
      return false;

For no check of them fields.

No we do not have any translations yet.
Check the download and see if it updates if you can´t do it personally.
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