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Site path site url on vps

So I have moved my site from a hosting plan to a vps. At the moment i testing the site inside the vps (domain dns are still set up on the hosting for don't avoid a downtime of the site).

At the moment i backuped the site and i can freely move on every page. The problem is that if i try to log in with my admin or an user account initially it log in, but if i go to another page or try to enter in the control panel I lose the log in.
Reading the forum it can be caused by siteurl and sitepath in mysql.


1) I should change the site url since it is hosted on the vps now? (I tried to enter the url showed in the browser but didnt worked)

2)Site path If im not wrong i should put here the entire ftp directory where the site in installed starting from the base level of the vps? Still doesnt work btw

3)site host, what here? atm there is still the normal url of the site on the hosting not the internal one on the vps.

(Created a new thread cause the older one was about the mysql)

Edit: At the moment im installing another phpfusion installation on another slot of the dps with another database, I believe that in this way it should show me the correct settings in mysql that I can use also on my site with some basic changes.

Edit2: The idea worked, all fine now.

Edit3: Now i Moved the site dns and yeah... it gives the same problems again. Putting up the same paths i had on the hosting instead it works. Should be fine now?hope :D. So many edits xD
Should basically be like this, go to PHP My Admin >>> Your Fusion DB >>> Settings table >>>

siteurl: http://www.your-site.com
site_protocol: http
site_host: www.your-site.com
site_path: /

That should work now.
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