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Omni Responsive Theme

Good theme. Thank you Craig.
My question is: how to configure the standard horizontal menu? I have not much sections and I need to do the usual adapted menu. I tried to edit the file and nav.php embed codes from other navigation templates and css. Links have appeared but they are simple and i need adapted. Maybe there are options for the sample code?
At me has turned to do this without modifying the code. As indicated in the photo
I tried to do different variants how it happened I uncomprehending. I delete all:


%submenu% General and %endmenu% Donate

Now at me installed in the admin navigation - Position: Horizontal only menu
Now everything works as I wanted.
please if i want the panel show in left and right what i do :G
Best theme. And great support from author :)
Awe, thanks mate, that's nice! Appreciated! Cheers! :G
I am currently working on my own version of http://www.phpfusionmods.co.uk/downlo...oad_id=316

I would like to make the top bar sticky when scrolling down. Just like it actually does on this site.

Can someone tell me how to? I've tried with position: fixed - it did stick to the top, but it wasn't "in front". It was behind the content on the website.

Please ask if I forgot to mention something with relevant.

Thanks in advance!
Well, just try

position: fixed;

in CSS


Layzee wrote:

Well, just try

position: fixed;

in CSS

Thanks that let me in the right direction. Fixed it. When you enter af thread you can't read the first line of a post.
Any way to force the site to jump about 40 px up when loading af page?
To "jump" up, as you said, there are different possible solutions.

The easy way is to define a fixed position for your content area.
The other way could be a "margin" - relative to all elements which comes before content.

To let the content "jump" up, try this for example:

margin-top: -40px; // Content jumps UP 40px

When content has to be shown 40px below the element before, change it to

margin-top: 40px; // Content jumps DOWN 40px

or, the "simple way":

margin: 40px 0 0 0; // Content jumps DOWN 40px

Both versions should be "parsed" correctly by all browsers.
My question is about tag div.
If I understand correctly, then all open tags <div>, shall be closed </ div>.
Some files contain open div.
Omni / includes / render_news-articles.php - contains 24 <div and 22 </ div
I think it to be corrected, or can be left?

Close the requires the top ?


echo "<div class='floatfix'>
<div class='cap'>
<div class='new-news'>".$locale['omni_003']."</div>\n
<div class='triangle-new'>
<div style='margin-left: 10px;'>\n";
echo $subject." </div>\n";
echo "</div>\n";
Add two more:
echo "</div>\n";
echo "</div>\n";

This is the correct option or not ?

It's ok there is no issue, the }else{ is where you see the extra opening divs but they are not extra, its depends on the condition.

Is it giving you problems like?

In work the theme, no problems, everything is good.
I just read that through the open tag, the attacker can do much harm the site.
About, } else {, I don `t know, it turns out that, it is safe and I should not worry about this issue?
Thanks for the reply.
I have trouble with TinyMce 3.5.hhh View photo.
You have the same thing? It is my misfortune or the total? I tried to change the width in styles.css


body. mceToolbar div {
white-space: normal;
width: 597px;
I also tried to admin_header_mce.php, rearranged on the fourth line, buttons, Select Text Color and Select Background Color.
It did not help. Who knows how to fix it?
did Craig's site go down?
Anyway, here are my 2 cents:
- the footer has a portion hard coded that should go into locale :
Connect With PHP-Fusion Mods UK! Follow, Add, Like Or Subscribe!
We are on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube. Also keep up to date with our latest news via our News RSS Feed!

- the top search button is too narrow for texts like french "Rechercher"
- here is a french locale I would normally have put on Craig's site:
$locale['omni_001']  = "Recherche";
$locale['omni_002']  = "Aller &agrave;...";
$locale['omni_003']  = "Nouveau";
$locale['omni_004']  = "Post-it";
$locale['omni_005']  = "Publi&eacute; le ";
$locale['omni_006']  = "Derniers visiteurs";
$locale['omni_007']  = " est en ligne";
$locale['omni_008']  = " &eacute;tait en ligne il y a moins de 5 minutes";
$locale['omni_009']  = " &eacute;tait en ligne &agrave; ";
$locale['omni_010']  = "Nombre d'utilisateurs en ligne";
$locale['omni_011']  = "Membres";
$locale['omni_012']  = "Visiteurs";
$locale['omni_013']  = "Nombre total de visites de Membres aujourd'hui";
$locale['omni_014']  = "Nombre total de Nouveaux Membres aujourd&#39;hui";
$locale['omni_015']  = "Attention Admins";
$locale['omni_016']  = "Membres d&eacute;sactiv&eacute;s";
$locale['omni_017']  = "A notre sujet";
$locale['omni_018']  = "PHP-Fusion Mods UK est un site de d&eacute;veloppement, de modifications et de support non-officiel pour PHP-Fusion.<br />Nous d&eacute;veloppons, fournissons et aidons GRATUITEMENT des ajouts de qualit&eacute; pour le CMS PHP-Fusion.";
$locale['omni_019']  = "Connection";
$locale['omni_020']  = "";
$locale['omni_021']  = "";
$locale['omni_022']  = "";
$locale['omni_023']  = "";

$locale['stat001'] = " membre";
$locale['stat002'] = " membres";
$locale['stat005'] = "Il y a eu ";
$locale['stat006'] = " &amp; ";
$locale['stat007'] = " utilisateurs enregistr&eacute;s ici depuis";
$locale['stat008'] = " connect&eacute;s &amp; ";
$locale['stat009'] = " nouveaux ";
$locale['stat010'] = " enregistr&eacute;s aujourd&#39;hui. ";
$locale['stat011'] = "Nous avons ";
$locale['stat012'] = " t&eacute;l&eacute;chargements ";
$locale['stat013'] = " fils de forums,  ";
$locale['stat014'] = " messages de forums ";
$locale['stat015'] = "il y a ";
$locale['stat016'] = " commentaires publi&eacute;s.";
$locale['stat017'] = " utilisateur";
$locale['stat018'] = " utilisateurs";
$locale['stat019'] = " qui ont &eacute;t&eacute; t&eacute;l&eacute;charg&eacute;s ";
$locale['stat020'] = " fois";

All the best, guys! :)
Tried 2 responsive themes so far, changing standard themes doesn't pose trouble, these 2 Omni and dev_blog_responsive
give error like this :

Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_to_footer() in /public/sites/www....../themes/dev_blog_responsive/includes/functions.php on line 115

for omni name ofc is different for rest its the same, have not much knowledge in php.
I've been using PHP-fusion for my site since 2011, but recently my site has fallen in Google rankings because of not being "mobile friendly." I installed Omni Responsive Theme, customized it for my site, and ran it through Google's mobile-friendly-test, and it passed. This should do nicely until PHP-fusion9 is ready for general use. If you like, take a look at my customization of the Omni theme at AngoraRabbit.com. I'm not much of a designer, but it will do for now, and I don't have all of my content reformatted yet for the theme.
Does not work. Does not install. Missing style.css
Hello Craig

I am new to these forum and php-fusion community.
I want to try this framework for one of my project.

Could you please help me to install "Omni Responsive Theme" to php-fusion

Ravi Kant
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