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TIP:: Adding render_comments To Old Themes

TIP:: Adding render_comments To Old Themes

render_comments was a new feature added to themes and it will need added into old themes.

Simply add this copy from Stylo Theme to your old theme.php.
It should be placed somewhere in between function render_page($license = false) {} but not in between any other theme functions...

function render_comments($c_data, $c_info){
   global $locale, $settings;

   if (!empty($c_data)){
      echo "<div class='comments floatfix'>\n";   
       echo "<div style='margin-bottom: 15px;' class='floatfix'>\n";
      $c_makepagenav = '';
    if ($c_info['c_makepagenav'] !== false) { echo $c_makepagenav = "<div class='flleft'>".$c_info['c_makepagenav']."</div>\n"; }
   if ($c_info['admin_link'] !== false) { echo "<div class='flright'>".$c_info['admin_link']."</div>\n"; }
      echo "</div>\n";
      echo "<div class='comment-main'>\n";
   foreach($c_data as $data) {
         $comm_count = "<a href='".FUSION_REQUEST."#c".$data['comment_id']."' id='c".$data['comment_id']."' name='c".$data['comment_id']."'>#".$data['i']."</a>";
   if ($settings['comments_avatar'] == "1") {
       echo "<div class='comment-avatar-wrap'>".$data['user_avatar']."</div>\n";
        echo "<div class='comment'>\n";
      echo "<div class='flright'>".$comm_count."\n</div>\n";
      echo "<div class='user'>".$data['comment_name']."\n";
      echo "<span class='date small'>".$data['comment_datestamp']."</span>\n";
      echo "</div>\n";
      echo "<div class='comment-body'><p>".$data['comment_message']."</p></div>\n";
   if ($data['edit_dell'] !== false) { echo "<span class='comment_actions'>".$data['edit_dell']."\n</span>\n"; }
      echo "</div>\n";
      echo "</div>\n";
      echo $c_makepagenav;
      echo "</div>\n";

   } else {
       echo "<div class='nocomments-message spacer'>".$locale['c101']."</div>\n";


Then add the style to your old themes styles.css and adjust accordingly to suit your theme...

.nocomments-message {
    font-size: 12px;
   color: #555;
   background: #fff;
   border-top: 2px solid #ddd;
   border-bottom: 2px solid #ddd;
   padding: 15px 0 15px 50px;

.comment-avatar-wrap {
    float: left;
   padding: 10px 20px 10px 0;
   position: relative;

.comment-avatar-wrap:after {
    content: "";
   position: absolute;
   right: 0;
   top: 15px;
   width: 0;
   height: 0;
   border-right: 6px solid #121212;
   border-top: 6px solid transparent;
   border-bottom: 6px solid transparent;
   border-right-color: #dfdfdf;

.comment-main {
   position: relative;

.comment {
    overflow: hidden;
   position: relative;
   margin: 0 0 15px 0;
   padding: 10px 20px;
   border-radius: 3px;
   background: #f0f0f0;
   border: 1px solid #dfdfdd;

.comment .user {
    line-height: 1.3;
   overflow: hidden;

.comment .user .date {
    display: block;
   color: #666;
   font-size: 11px;

Now comments should be nice in old themes.
sample image?
Just comments man, you know what they look like. :D
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