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Nickpages v3.1


With this infusion your users can create and edit their own personal pages, up to three.
BBcodes allowed. Includes theme, header-image, ratings, hit counter and comments for each page.

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Nice Grim, excellent work.

@PolarFox, think of it more as a myspace or web page profile.
No blog though I suppose one could be added.

Hey thanks man. You know there are a lot more features that could be added however the overall size would become too large. But for someone with a little PHP under their belt, it wouldn't be that hard to add a lot more stuff.

Hi all. Version 3.2 was uploaded and approved just hours ago. There were some annoying errors produced in 7.02.07 that have now been completely fixed. A lot of code was re-written, db fields (nick1_hits, nick2_hits and nick3_hits) were added. The hit counter is now truly toggleable for each page. Four more images were added for the optional header image. All coding was streamlined and tidied up for easier reading. Even with the additions the total size was reduced by 60k. due to streamlining and tidying up the code. The header images were reduced from 1,000 x 350 pixels to 1,000 x 250 pixels. The actual nickpages in root 'nickpage1.php, nickpage2.php and nickpage3.php' were adjusted from width 1,200 to width 1,000. Everything just looks better and functions better.

I kinda like the new Update Addon function here. :D
Hello all. Just a few minutes ago I uploaded an update to v4.0 . Lots of changes and enhancements.

With this 4.0 version your users can create and edit their own personal nickpages, up to four. Includes theme, header-image, ratings, hit counter and comments for each page. Each of the 4 pages are created and edited individually.

A major change is the new image upload script which creates an image upload folder unique to and only for each user. The uploaded images are then available on the create/edit pages for insertion in the content area. Images are configured to display on the user pages at a 400 pixel width. I do not recommend changing this.

Easily capture copy and paste into the content area, YouTube video IFRAME IMBED code from YouTube videos. When doing so change the video dimensions to 640px by 360px after pasting into the content area for the best visual display results.
Grimloch, will you be updating these files for Fusion 9 also?
I'm not sure yet; I'm having a hard time getting my head wrapped around Fusion 9.
Ok, looked like a good infusion for a few sites. me & PHP don't get along :|
I'm actively working on making this compatible with PF version 9. Everything is working fine except for the damn FORM TOKENS thing which is a real bear to try to figure out. I'll really be glad when we get some comprehensible v9 documentation in place here.
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!:D



hehe, Take a look here, once you nail it it is fairly straight forward, : https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=38455
Hmmm.. thanks. Wonder why I never noticed that thread before? Back to coding then for me. Got a question though. I think all of my forms have a formaction of Fusion_Self... so would this be right?
$formaction = '".FUSION_SELF."';

OK nevermind; I understand why I don't need the FUSION_SELF on a regular page.
New question. Why won't this work for an admin page? All I get is a blank page.
$options['remote_url'] = fusion_get_settings('site_path').'infusions/my_infusion/admin/my_admin_page.php?aid=".$_GET['aid']."&user=".$_GET['user']."';

Pre define aid first,
$aidlink = fusion_get_aidlink();

I have another question about the info in the referenced thread in Post #12.
Should the $options['form_id'] = "xxxxxxxx" numbers always be 8 numbers and should they all be the same for every form or unique to each form?
No it can be very long and unique is preferable. best is to do a function for it, something like.
$options['form_id'] = rand(100000,900000);

see if you like the results,
Yeppers. Works great.
I have the infusion on my testside. Nice script, but there are some things where i have problems.

1. Why do you not use the colorbox that is in PHP Fusion? I have change the code in your colorbox_include.php to
add_to_head("<link rel='stylesheet' href='".INCLUDES."jquery/colorbox/colorbox.css' type='text/css' media='screen' />");
add_to_head("<script type='text/javascript' src='".INCLUDES."jquery/colorbox/jquery.colorbox.js'></script>");
add_to_head("<script type='text/javascript'>
   $(document).ready(function() {
   maxWidth:'80%', maxHeight:'80%'
   maxWidth:'80%', maxHeight:'80%'

and it is work fine.

2. I have problems withe the images on the site where i create a user site. I see only 3 columns by header and theme images on a PHP Fusion site with left and right panels.

3. You create folder for the user images, but there is no index.php in the folder.
Problems reported have been corrected. Also can you show a screenshot of the problem with images you are seeing?
BTW... I'm about to release Site User Pages ver1.0 which is an upgraded version of what you have if you d/l'ed my ver4.0. I have decided to rename the infusion to Site User Pages.
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