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Review mod

Hello everyone,

i am looking for some kind of review mod. I would like to add a game to the list and then like let other users rate it, comment and review.
Is there something like this? Or some kind of way to achieve this via custom pages?
Thank you.

I don't think there is an infusion for this, you can use the articles page.
Hmm, well okay i will do some research and try to make it somehow, thank you

I am working on an infusion similar to what you require. Hopefully be finished soon.

Sounds good Craig! :G Can you give me a little peek, what features it will have? :D

Sure here is a screenshot of the form. It's to add LOTR (Lord of the rings) Character Players then users can comment rate etc. It should be easy enough for you to edit for your needs for a games list.

Craig attached the following file:
chars_dev.png [13.63kB / 21 Downloads]
Looks good, i think i will be able to edit it to my purpose, thanks for this craig
No problem. I am completing it later today. Hopefully release it tomorrow or the next day. ok!

Hey Craig, i was trying to contact you via pm, but still no answer from you. Are you still working on that addon? I am still waiting :|

thank you,

It turns out the infusion I started needs more work done than first thought.
I did not even code it to standards yet like localised etc it is hard coded and no admin back end yet either. This thing I am developing is called Character Players it is an infusion Richard Ainz required a while back and we/I never did complete it. I would just attach the files here but it will not work for you as you wanted and it will cause more harm than good. If or when I do complete it you will be informed about it I can assure you of that. If you find a solution quicker then even better since I can not say any time frame as I am swamped with projects at the moment that I must first complete. Time is not with me these days it is more against me so lets just wait and see what happens or does not happen. No promises.

Alright, thank you for info, will try to find some solution, ty :G
What about Users Voice infusion? Any use to you?
I checked that infusion, but thats not exactly what i am looking for.

I am looking for some kind of infusion, where i can add like image, then write something about it, choose what genre is it and so. Then the users can vote if its good or bad, share their thoughts, pros/cons.

Something like this.
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