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Problems with preg_replace

I have installed a site for a customer on a brand new server. And every time I try to use bb-codes, I get an error like this:

preg_replace() :The /e modifier is deprecated use preg_replace_callback instead

I can see from other forum posts, that others have experienced the same problem with newer versions of PHP. But can somebody tell me, if there's been set a deadline on an update concerning this problem??
janmol attached the following file:
preg_errors.gif [26.61kB / 55 Downloads]
Hey Jan,

Yep it's now deprecated code that's all, I know hein was working on a fix.


I have worked on some of the files long time ago, and I think I shared the files with people too... not sure, but I recalled long time ago.
Please try.. was assumed fixed because nobody gave me replies on it. If need any more tell which one :G
Chan attached the following file:
url.zip [2.17kB / 423 Downloads]
code_gistbbcode_2.zip [3.62kB / 443 Downloads]
Go to Our Github. Check the files.. BBCode is universal compatible, and we have the latest there.
@hien: Ralph68 wrote about registration, not about bbcode.

I can see three solutions.

1. Put an error control oprator (@) before preg_replace
$var = @preg_replace('!s:(\d+):"(.*?)";!e', "'s:'.strlen('$2').':\"$2\";'", $var);

It turns off also the error logging, but not solves any other similar problem..

2. Replace preg_replace with preg_replace_callback without "/e" modifier

$var = preg_replace_callback('!s:(\d+):"(.*?)";!', function($matches) {
   return 's:'.strlen($matches[2]).':"'.$matches[2].'";';
}, $var);

3. Modify error handler in includes/error_handling_include.php

After this line:
function setError($error_level, $error_message, $error_file, $error_line, $error_context) {

insert this:
if ($error_level == E_DEPRECATED) {

This way any E_DEPRECATED won't be logged.

Anyway I don't know why unserializeFix is needed. I can't find the referenced comment on php.net. It can be a fixed bug. If it is, unserializeFix is not needed anymore.
I did fix the problems in mail_bbcode_include.php and url_bbcode_include.php already. Thanks to this thread and this thread.

But I still have the problem in !autolink_bbcode_include.php and search_bbcode_include.php. I can not find any solutions here on the page or in GitHub.

Any know or can make a fix?
Rimelek, your solutions didn't work for me. :@


I replaced all three bbcodes (mail, url and code) with the links you posted to v9.
Still have this error

When I click the activation link send to my email it returns me to my site with this error.

I also replaced error_handling_include.php from the same source but get the same message when I activate.


Notice: Use of undefined constant E_DEPRECATED_ERROR - assumed 'E_DEPRECATED_ERROR' in /homepages/13/d374099474/htdocs/v7.10secrides.com/includes/error_handling_include.php on line 29


Rimelek, your solutions didn't work for me. :@


Notice: Use of undefined constant E_DEPRECATED_ERROR - assumed 'E_DEPRECATED_ERROR' in /homepages/13/d374099474/htdocs/v7.10secrides.com/includes/error_handling_include.php on line 29

- by Ralph68

Sorry, I couldn't test it and I wrote the name of the constant incorrectly. E_DEPRECATED is the right name. I fixed my previous comment and tested the solution.
Thanks Rimelek that worked.

!autolink_bbcode_include.php and mail_bbcode_include.php I need the fix please?


What he said...
Rimelek attached the following file:
autolink_bbcode_includephp.zip [1.36kB / 337 Downloads]

How to fix it.

PHP-Fusion V7.02.07
razin attached the following file:
1_6.png [13.63kB / 48 Downloads]
Following this post, https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=35185&pid=201117#post_191983
following post
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