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Infusions are not being displayed under the "infusions" admin panel

Hello everyone,

I have the latest version pf PHP-Fusion, which I have upgraded gradually with patch files. I had about three infusions setup in the beginning but now when I try to add more infusions, they do not show up as administration. I tried to defuse the ones that were working and infuse them back and now I can't even bring them back. Looks like nothing is getting infused.

Any idea of which file needs to be checked?
Is the infusion in question working after you Infuse it?
I believe they are but I can't administer it anymore. For example the shoutbox infusion was working fine. To test it, I defused it and it went away from my main site. I infused it again and it came back with all the comments gone and no admin icon to manage the settings in the admin panel. So yes, I believe they work but any new one I add I never see the Admin icon.
Please take a look at the images below. You can see several infusions infused but only one shows in the admin panel for administration. The one you see there "Latest Additions Panel" has been there for a long time. If I defuse it, it won't come back like the other ones I tested.

Hope it makes sense? I am not sure why it is doing this.
enzorug attached the following file:
capture1_5.png [46.49kB / 53 Downloads]
capture_2.png [45.61kB / 53 Downloads]
Something could have happend with your Administration table during the upgrade.

Check your admin table in mysql, if you have the following tables present.

Ahh Interesting! You are right, I do not see them (See Screenshot). I moved my files from a very bad/slow hosting and was having problems backing up the database. i may have an old backup somewhere. What if i restore the tables from a clean database?
enzorug attached the following file:
capture2_1.png [89.74kB / 56 Downloads]
Actually I take it back. When I open fusionBJPV5_admin I do see them and I also see the links to the new infusions.
enzorug attached the following file:
capture4.png [73.1kB / 54 Downloads]
capture3_1.png [116.77kB / 50 Downloads]
If I defuse the infusion, it disappears from the list of infusions in the database while I look at it via PHPMyAdmin and vice versa, it comes back if I infuse it. Seems as the Admin page just can't read the new ones?? But why? if I try to go directly to it by pasting the correct path but leaving ?aid= etc.etc part alone, it just brings me back to the home page. What a heck?
You need to go into the admin dB and remove the existing links for them Infusion's then infuse them again. :G

Unfortunately, that is not it. i deleted the link as you said but defusing/infusing did not work.
Figured it out!!

I guess when I defused them and infused them again I had lost permissions to view them since I was logged in as secondary admin and not as the SuperAdmin. I logged in as SuperAdmin and I was able to see them and grant access to the other administrators. Could this be a bug or is it by design?
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