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What Widgets API?


I read [here] about a "Widgets API"!

What have I missed? What Widgets? I have not coded a widget before. What? Emm?

You have not done a "Plugin" either ;)
It is things to come.
Well plugin is just another word for addon so that could be disputed on my part by saying I have done a plugin.
I can also say I have done a panel which might also be known as a widget rite?

Anyway nice, cool, bring it on! :G
Sure you can, but it would not be logical to have both Plugins and Addons, Panels and Widgets as definitions if they do the same.
We set the definitions and everyone need learn the differences it as we introduce em ;)

Widgets : https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=33932
So that's all it is Panels will be renamed widgets and maybe have a better, easy way for people to code them, even easier than the easiness it is now when using the panel editor in panels admin. OK well, nice anyway you look at it keep up the good ideas. Panel does sound old fashioned.

What about changing infusions to APPS? :D
No a Widget = Panel+Infusion, all in one.
Old definitions remain and do what they always have done.
OK nice. Well for the future v10 or whatever...

Panels = Widgets
Infusions = APPS
Addon DB = Fusion App Store

:G :Y
It´s not Christmas yet, no wishes granted!
Jokes aside, we do not fiddle with more or less TradeMarked definitions , recognition is very important.
Lol :D :Y

Here the legal talks starting. LOL :D Happy Days!! :D

Fusion App Store is not a trademarked definition nor is App Store (Application is also not a trademarked word nor is Store) anyway Coding Apps, Selling Apps, Installing Apps even sounds nifty. Anyway aye o k all good man!
App Store is not, no but AddonDB is, ( Community TMed, not legally TMed ) Either case, one would need to replace the other one, in one way or another.
Unless we don´t strive to reach the bloating hell again, which we are not.

Coding Addons, Selling Addons via the AddonDB and Installing Infusions for PHP-Fusion sounds even better!

It is also about to maintain the legacy from the founder ( Nick Jones ), He had a good idea on what to call things and I still support these ideas.
Widget is simple application that is added as a panel and runs on some settings store in a simple core db.

Widget_id, Widget_name , widget_settings to be installed on setup.

And then deployed as panels, yes.

Doesnt add its own table buts uses a standard one. it is not unique like shoutbox. It can be multiple of the same kind on the same page, and user comfigurable like infusion.

Panel, since when it runs db of its own? Latest Active Forum Threads is a panel. There is no settings page for it.

That is why we need an API to code the admim page on widget. Yeah this is not yet available until further development stage.
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