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CVE-2014-8596 PHP-Fusion 7.02.07 – SQL Injection

Hi every one,

How to fix this vulnerability?

CVE-2014-8596 PHP-Fusion 7.02.07 – SQL Injection

Thanks advance,
Missing checks and a misplaced parenthesis. Sad.
Just wanted to mention that unless you have admins you don't trust with access to submissions and members or get targeted for exploitation in a very hard way at network level you should not worry.
To fix this:
  • open administration/submissions.php and add after/below require_once "../maincore.php"; this line

if (isset($_GET['submit_id']) && !isnum($_GET['submit_id'])) { $_GET['submit_id'] = 0; }

  • open administration/members.php and on line #31 replace this

$status = (isset($_GET['status']) && isnum($_GET['status'] && $_GET['status']) < 9 ? $_GET['status'] : 0);

with this
$status = (isset($_GET['status']) && isnum($_GET['status']) && $_GET['status'] < 9 ? $_GET['status'] : 0);

Just trust your admins and trust PHP-Fusions checkrights and aid which do their jobs nicely so no issue. :G
And if we don't?
You mean Don't trust your admins?
Nice fixes JoiNNN, thank you. Wanna git em?
The members.php one is OK but the other one no. It has to be properly fixed. Or even better, we change they way we check GETs from no on, when we have a page with GETs we check right at the top (as I did in submission.php fix) if a given GET is set and if the value is valid, if not add a fallback or in worse cases redirect. This way not only we don't have to check GETs every time we do IFs and ELSEs and worry about forgetting a check but will also make it so much easier to maintain.
Thank you so much JoiNNN
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