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The saga continues...

Duration: 1 month
Start - 1st February 2015
End - 28th February 2015
Purpose: Full Debugging on E-commerce (Eshop) Core.

This might be the last and final round. I want to bring attention to everyone to look into the e-commerce core system this round.

Looking at the remaining thread, I don't think there are much to do left and perhaps this is our final lap on the Beta version, and if things turns out as I hoped for, we'll push this out for the first release by the end of the beta period (as potential Release Candidate).

That being said, If things aren't optimized now, do leave a note at the Roadmap section. All ideas push to road maps. We only deal with bugs and look at improvisation fixes on the e-com core now.

I know most of us are very busy with things at the moment, but I hope we can keep up the momentum and don't leave things like that.. or run short of any ideas for that matter.

Many people want PHP-Fusion 9.00 big time. So, please extract a couple hours daily and finish what you think is right.

I will start MVC the e-commerce in the next 27 hours time. See you all at Github!
Not to be a naysayer ... but .. are you kidding me? Has anyone bothered to test this out on a non-fresh install recently? I'll make other posts or bug reports via roadmap as needed but that is the main area that needs to be looked at for the MAJORITY of our users. The majority of our users are not going to be installing fresh out of the box versions of php fusion.
I would not be much of testing if we did not test all aspects, it feels more like are you kidding me? Of c we have tested multiple aspects of the new system. No idea where you got the idea that we don´t do that. Fresh installs, upgrades etc etc are constantly tested.
However, the shop is under migration which means it can and may not work as intended until we stamp the process as completed.
You must realize that the system is more or less updated each day so some temporally glitches can sneak in between patches not to mention that some patches will not be 100% complete on the first round in certain areas thus cussing some additional glitches, these notes are often mentioned in the Git if that is the case.
It was more a reply to the we should focus on eshop core and then on to release candidate. that he said that I was referring to. This based on the bugs I've encountered just tonight has actually taken several strides backwards from the last time I was testing it.
The plan is to get the ecore integrated and fully operational, once that are in place we can aim for full system stability during the RC since we have all the parts we want in by then.
The system in general was actually quite stable until last nights patches,
Some glitches can happen since several people work on the updates, Hien is checking it atm.
installation page has this error

Notice: Undefined variable: settings in C:\Users\Ahmed\Desktop\wamp\www\fusion9\locale\English\global.php on line 261

added global $settings; and works fine


added global $settings; and works fine
- by afaaro

I removed all occurrences of $settings. It seems hien put it back to here.
I don't know what the reason was.
My bad, override mistake maybe..

We must - remove all strings from locale files, and note to use -

sprintf($locale['whatever'], 'your replacement-1', 'your replacement-2', 'your replacement-3', 'so on', 'so on')."
$locale['whatever'] = "I %s %s %s ... ";  // or %d for numbers.

I mean, I did not notice $settings are inside global.php.. locale file hardly are the files to cause maintenance issue often.
Today's update note...

I need to fix Septenary Theme and (possibly do more upgrades on theme engine) to fit in a new E-shop template.

While I'm having a lap on this, last night Rimelek had addressed about the set theme active on Theme Admin Panel.. to which i have completed this morning. We have 2 place to set theme active now. 3 in fact...

a) main settings... for those who cannot find it. (will deprecate soon).
b) theme admin (now fixed .. haha)
c) user fields selector.

However, Septenary is getting override at top menu, and the h4 banner lettering turns black once set. I need to tune Septenary some, but if you try it on bootstrap theme, yeah.. it would change colors because that theme has not much custom css to it.

Header mobile menu needs fix. I will go a lap at making hierarchy site links later, depending my time left.
Hello forum, dear developers,
big thanks for the new icons in the backend PHP Fusion beta 4. This looks very good.

I've got a problem. This you can see on the attached two screenshots. The point is that my home pages navigation has slipped down and in the news overview in the front end while teasers are displayed, but the small bar with views of the news is somehow right in the teaser and not appear at the bottom.

Is it my browser or because you have to do something in the CSS files?

I have the current V9 from GitHub just uploaded.

3. The external links in the FAQs do not work yet. I had mentioned this before and do not remember if ye have already seen you.

4. I still have a problem with the internal links. If I put an internal link in the news, the URL is truncated and the link does not go anywhere. I have my php fusion 9 Blog in the sub-directory and was internally link. But that did not work.

Do you have problems there too?

Would be great if you could help me. Thanks in advance!


Respond from Hien:
All remaining now is @todo: Blog Archive Panel - auto group to date "September (3)", Blog Categories Panel, Blog Popular Tags Panel, Tags Filter. Will do at RC1 these small things.
You do not have access to view attachments
@2nd Screenshot:
That was caused by a mobile menu hidden behind (broken). I will fix hierarchy showsublinks() soon. But I changed and put the search bar at top. With this commit - the issue was header-nav class was static at 70px; I removed it.

I'll troubleshoot 1st screenshot now.
The first screenshot is related to MVC template side, and yes news have this problem still, but Blog shouldn't have because I have changed the Blog template to look like a blog weeks ago. Please update the themes/global/ folder.

I found a bug with fresh install.. all them isset issues.

Will fix the news again only until i finish Eshop.
Just a thought about the Development.

For users, PF9.00 is a solution aiming at to "install as you need" via the installer because each system will grow a lot 'exponentially' instead of install everything to make all available like 7.03. For example, if you install E-shop but don't use it --- at core, the DB_SETTINGS will insert all those unnecessary rows and therefore making your system heavier. So if you want to keep it light keep and keep it fast. Install as needed... because features are going to be heavy post stable.

For a lot of situation here, you don't install anything and just use the core and custom page, and intranet projects FTW.


News vs Blogs

Blog is the current News System we see on version 7. They have exactly the same post. We're going to develop panels. It is aiming for the use where 1 person is doing the website admin. So we don't need more than current already done features from News. All we need left is few panels for it.

Meanwhile, the news is going to be my next focus entree - where it will shift towards grouping a news related to each other turning it to be a series. It is aiming for the use where more than 1 person is covering the 'News itself' - It will be very vivid that a 'Group' of Content is showing as 1 context. For example... say.. "World cup" - the aspect is many. While each news can be in different category but they are still shown as 1 context as a series.

For Articles, we are going to push forward Quantum Dynamic input Fields Range (DFR) for the database needs. Articles Categories will receive updates to form building mechanics as much as user fields had. So you can add whatever field you need for the Articles. In one Article Category, say "Web Logging" - you have only 3 field - Article Subject, Article Description and an Article Author. In another Article Category, say "Image Postings", you can have - Article Subject, Upload Picture Field, Article Description, Tags. And your user submissions will change input types.

- we don't have much articles panels/custom plugins in AddonDb now, so the incompatibility effect will be minimum.
- we cut down a lot of unnecessary infusion development repeating itself. Therefore saving people valuable time.
- Auto Database, Fish Database, Soccer Team database.. these all can be done via Articles with DFR.
- infusion developers will need to come up with 'extras' that Articles Dynamic FIeld Range cannot do. For example, an accounting system. Or a Video Tube involving several sections long... then it's worth the time.

- Developers will have great time with the Core we have in 9.00 - We have Quantum, we have Defender system, we have token system, we have hierarchy system, we have Autoloader, we have New Theme system. So many things new in 9.


So imagine the scale of development here - for those who have "Waited".

v6-v7.00++ is measured in 1 package at x the amount of (kb). All our time is gonna go at system functionality and core functions only.

v9.00 will be 9 packages x the amount of (kb) + Cores amount the (kb). All 9+Core will be in MB (in the future to come).
Here we focus less on core functionality and do more features on each solution.

The good news here is - Developers do not need to work everywhere after Stable. We can update 1 or 2 system pack and release.
The cycle will be very fast in comparison to updating entire v7 to v8 or v9... system is simply too huge to update on a the current team, and we can have people who are 'good' in certain things to do that thing specific.

We move a lot faster in new releases this way and happier end users.

The v9 is just about perfect. Everything is 'Mod-Pro' solution. At most, we deprecate theme compatibilities when core system changes, and we fill you up with a new template viewer in /themes/global/
Hi there,
Thanks for the quick help and it has now worked for me. No problem of the resolution of the problems in News. I can wait that long and can deal with me.


Hi there,
Thanks for the quick help and it has now worked for me. No problem of the resolution of the problems in News. I can wait that long and can deal with me.
- by Alex L

Thank you :)
Please don't forget about file upload - doesn't work download section and forum attachments.

P.S. Php-fusion was fast and lightweight system will it be so on?
With regards to my setup empty fields thing ... I added the below code near Step 4 and it fixed it.
   // Step 4 - Config / Database Setup
   case 4:
      // Generate All Core Tables - this includes settings and all its injections
      $db_host = (isset($_POST['db_host']) ? stripinput(trim($_POST['db_host'])) : "");
      $db_user = (isset($_POST['db_user']) ? stripinput(trim($_POST['db_user'])) : "");
      $db_pass = (isset($_POST['db_pass']) ? stripinput(trim($_POST['db_pass'])) : "");
      $db_name = (isset($_POST['db_name']) ? stripinput(trim($_POST['db_name'])) : "");
      $db_prefix = (isset($_POST['db_prefix']) ? stripinput(trim($_POST['db_prefix'])) : "fusion_");

Your git: https://github.com/php-fusion/PHP-Fusion/commit/631fb55a4629b7a9cbf238a871ef97d53d4946ee

Thank you. Please help out by fork & push. Core team will help merge.


Please don't forget about file upload - doesn't work download section and forum attachments.

marked for fix. Thanks!


P.S. Php-fusion was fast and lightweight system will it be so on?

Dev team always go on it. PF have a ground to keep.. We are still the fastest when features to feature comparison is being made with other options out there.

Do you stil work on the problem i report months ago? :)
The problem, that you see first menu > panels > menu >content? You remember?
Is it about the panels shifting left and right or hide on specific screen size? Sorry, i need a refresh here. I tried to bump all the stuff I can't do or haven't do in the roadmap section now.
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