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FAQ problem with one entry

I found the solution tot he issue. It seems the were almost 1500 \r\n pieces of code int the faq table which I didn't see when coding it. It was only after I exported the faq table from the SQL file that I found these. After removing them, the faq worked fine. So, this is now resolved and the message below can be ignored! :)


I need to have someone give me a hint as to what is what with one of my FAQ's on my TI99ers On-Line User Group website. I have over 40 FAQ's online and they all work okay except this one. It is the list of the TI-99/4A modules that were produced. An abbreviated version of the table (1st item and last item) is as follows:

<Table border="1" color="lightgray" cellpadding="4">
<caption><b>TI-99/4A Modules by Name</b></caption>
<tr bgcolor="navy">
<td align="center"><font color="#ffffff"><strong>Name of Cartridge</strong></font></td>
<td align="center"><font color="#ffffff"><strong>Released</strong></font></td>
<td align="center"><font color="#ffffff"><strong>Released By</strong></font></td>
<td align="center"><font color="#ffffff"><strong>Part<br />Nbr </strong></font></td>

<td>4A Flyer</td>
<td align="center">1986</td>
<td>John Phillips</td>
<!-- the rest of the table rows go in here -->
<td align="center">1981</td>
<td>Milton Bradley</td>
<td> </td>


Now when I test it with Internet Explorer and Foxfire, it works fine, But when I add it to the FAQ listing, there is a blank area that is huge from the start of the FAQ to the table definition. Anyone have a suggestion as to what is going on?:@

My website is http://www.ti99ers.org. The FAQ category is TI-99/4A and I have also attached the file. I have been fighting this entry for way too long, but I want it added to the FAQ. This was in the Nuke-Sentinel portal I was using, but now I am converting the items over one at a time.
aznetcowboy attached the following file:
cart_list_test.rar [3.6kB / 152 Downloads]
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