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I try to install and use this theme but when i am at this step:
Install PublisherBlogger Theme Control Panel
PublisherBlogger has a Control Panel, to install it click the button below.

Nothing happend and can't edit, personalize theme!
Can you help me to solve this problem?
Go admin infusion and install theme

1 panel theme control download from my signature
I make the following step:
1.) download accent theme, upload and there is Theme Control Panel
2.) Go to admin-infuse and instal Theme Control Panel
3.) Chose Accent like theme from setting and after this i am go to Theme Control Panel and try to install it but here nothing happend!

Where i wrong?

By the way can't donwload from your link, i don't know way!?
1 install first if you have not theme_control_panel
in system administrator + infusion install theme_control_panel

2 install theme in themes folder

3 Login + Admin Panel + settings go and make default and profil as if you have many more themes

4 info up not intall this theme
( not from the info LINK is wrong )

go Admin Panel + infusion + Theme Control Panel and install

register free

and download


or give me the keys to do it myself prive
I make all steps again and here:
PublisherBlogger has a Control Panel, to install it click the button below.

I click Install and nothing happend, i don't understand whay?

I can give you keys if you can help me!?
I do not know maybe php version probleme phpfusion v7 better php 5.2 or better 5.3 above version created problem i think. You should know that themes are for phpfusion v7 not v9

ok link prive
Yes i know this, i use phpfusion v7 and php is better than 5...

Login + Admin Panel + settings go and make default and profil as if you have many more themes, here maybe is a problem how make default?
theme you have selected from admin and profil as first default in profil
control theme automatically gets the option selected by the ADMINISTRATION
dimki if i give you acces can you to look and help me with theme?
At final i install theme, i think that everything is ok now!

I want to ask what panel you use for news slide up on yours site and what panel use for articles in right side?

I solve all problems and use big fudge for article and news slide old but here is a problem with image, if i upload image from pc everything is ok, image can be seen on slide but if i use a image from gallery with add image option image aren't show in slide, can you help me to show in slide image that exist on news gallery?

2 problem is at resizable_news_slider_panel.zip can you show me a demo?
don't work, this get image from category, not image added to news :(
then look to find something different :D
My site https://cyfrowypolsatnews.pl/news.php
I have a question
I have a page based on the Publisher Blogger Theme
And at the top is a bar with social media icons and a login bar
My request, why is the login panel hidden in the mobile version?
What may be the problem?
I would be very grateful for your help
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