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Google reCAPTCHA v2 API

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Google recently updated their reCAPTCHA service to use a newer, more updated, better streamlined version. Dubbed "noCAPTCHA", it can be solved by normal humans by just clicking a simple checkbox. For bots, however, it gets quite a bit more complicated. With several security measures built-in and checking at the browser-level, it's no wonder it's the #1 captcha system out there.

Soon, Google will be requesting people to update to their "v2 API" which gives you access to the noCAPTCHA system. This simple addon gives you that with a single infusion. The instructions couldn't be more simple, either. Just read the readme.md (open with notepad, notepad++, or your favorite IDE) and follow the simple steps. It's as easy as uploading the files and infusing the infusion.

If you need support, there's a problem, or you just have a question, please either post in this thread or send an email to skpacman@php-fusion.us and mention "Google reCAPTCHA v2" in the subject.

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8 replies

Thanks skpacman, good work ;) Turkish language file added.
not work on me ask for password, not work with password but with photos this reCAPTCHA
I'm sorry, dimki. It's difficult for me to understand what you're trying to say.

You need to get new keys from Google to use the new captcha system. If you don't update your keys, it shows up as the old captcha system.
I hope that answers your question...
no problem new keys from Google I have tasted to me website in 5

I have to disagree with something because I have my reCAPTCHA key not change, I use still my first created the API system has automatically assumed I rather think it depends on the query plan

Greeting Septron
There are some special cases where this captcha system will or will not look like the newest one.

In order for the noCAPTCHA v2 API version to show up, everything has to be updated to the latest and greatest.

Your captcha will show as the older version if any one of the following is true:
  • You're using the old code (default reCAPTCHA code in PHP-Fusion) OR
  • You haven't enabled v2 API on your google reCAPTCHA account OR
  • Both of the above.

If you're using the new code in this infusion and have either gotten new keys or enabled v2 on your account, you should be seeing the newest captcha, whether you actually got new keys or the old ones were just enabled for v2.
i cant download, why?
You need to checkout even if it is free and the download should appear in your digital downloads. Is there any other issue with this download?
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