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Trying to install, setup.php is stuck on step 4

Error: Unable to connect with MySQL.
Please ensure your MySQL username and password are correct.

Get his every time whilst trying to get past step 4 of the setup, I have established that the host is valid the database exists and I have permission to access it and do anything I want with it. Have copied pasted the host, user, password and database name that all work in a php script I wrote to test it and still get the same outcome. I am using XAMPP on a windows 8 machine and am logged in as an administrator.

What is going on?
If everything matches, naturally there should be some sort of configuration issue, that is one thing you never see fails in a live environment, it either works if it is correct or it does not.
Capital letters makes a difference. Try a more simple password, username if you mixed special characters in it.
I really don´t have much more to go on here.
I wrote a php script that uses the same credentials to access the database and create a table, it works.
I copied and pasted the access credentials into the form at step 4 and they are rejected.
I typed them in verbatim, they are rejected.
I used "root" with a blank password, it was rejected.

PHP version is 5.6.12
Apache version is 2.4.16
MySql version is 5.6.26
Hi. What is the version of PHP-Fusion you're trying to install? Sorry just checking.
I have no clue, always hard to support local installs if everything seems to be in order.
Since it usually simply works.

Yes, this does XAMPP when installing PHPF v.7.02. I also had problems with XAMPP. Apparently you enter the wrong password for the MySQL !! Check it out.
If you do not need any funky localhost but just for offline single network development - the fastest one is UwAmp to my experience.
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