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Change orders in title sitename - pagetitle to pagetitle - sitename

How change title webpage to better SEO?
In php fusion is sitename - pagetitle ,but better is pagetitle - sitename

I looking in output_handling_include.php

| PHP-Fusion Content Management System
| Copyright (C) 2002 - 2011 Nick Jones
| http://www.php-fusion.co.uk/
| Filename: output_handling_include.php
| Author: Max Toball (Matonor)
| This program is released as free software under the
| Affero GPL license. You can redistribute it and/or
| modify it under the terms of this license which you
| can read by viewing the included agpl.txt or online
| at www.gnu.org/licenses/agpl.html. Removal of this
| copyright header is strictly prohibited without
| written permission from the original author(s).
$fusion_page_replacements = "";
$fusion_output_handlers = "";
$fusion_page_title = "- www.agrohodowca.pl ";
$fusion_page_meta = array("description" => $settings['description'], "keywords" => $settings['keywords']);
$fusion_page_head_tags = "";
$fusion_page_footer_tags = "";

function set_title($title=""){
   global $fusion_page_title;
   $fusion_page_title = $title;

function add_to_title($addition=""){
   global $fusion_page_title;
   $fusion_page_title .= $addition;

function set_meta($name, $content=""){
   global $fusion_page_meta;
   $fusion_page_meta[$name] = $content;

function add_to_meta($name, $addition=""){
   global $fusion_page_meta;
      $fusion_page_meta[$name] .= $addition;

function add_to_head($tag=""){
   global $fusion_page_head_tags;
   if(!stristr($fusion_page_head_tags, $tag)){
      $fusion_page_head_tags .= $tag."\n";

function add_to_footer($tag=""){
   global $fusion_page_footer_tags;
   if(!stristr($fusion_page_footer_tags, $tag)){
      $fusion_page_footer_tags .= $tag."\n";

function replace_in_output($target, $replace, $modifiers=""){
   global $fusion_page_replacements;
   $fusion_page_replacements .= "\$output = preg_replace('^$target^$modifiers', '$replace', \$output);";

function add_handler($name){
   global $fusion_output_handlers;
      $fusion_output_handlers .= "\$output = $name(\$output);";

function handle_output($output){
   global $fusion_page_head_tags ,$fusion_page_footer_tags, $fusion_page_title, $fusion_page_meta, $fusion_page_replacements, $fusion_output_handlers, $settings;

      $output = preg_replace("#</body>#", $fusion_page_footer_tags."</body>", $output, 1);
      $output = preg_replace("#</head>#", $fusion_page_head_tags."</head>", $output, 1);
   if($fusion_page_title != $settings['sitename']){
      $output = preg_replace("#<title>.*</title>#i", "<title>".$fusion_page_title."</title>", $output, 1);
      foreach($fusion_page_meta as $name => $content){
         $output = preg_replace("#<meta (http-equiv|name)='$name' content='.*' />#i", "<meta \\1='".$name."' content='".$content."' />", $output, 1);
   return $output;


but I dont know what change ;/
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