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IMG BBCode v7 & v9 question (possible redundant code)

I was wondering why all allowed extensions are in lower- and in uppercase in the preg_replace_callback!
The regex has an operator at the end of the regex which makes it case insensitive. See #si.

Then wouldn't it be better to strip the duplicates for performance sake?

The file and code I'm talking about is in; img_bbcode_include.php
$text = preg_replace_callback("#\[img\]((http|ftp|https|ftps)://)(.*?)(\.(jpg|jpeg|gif|png|JPG|JPEG|GIF|PNG))\[/img\]#si", "img_bbcode_callback", $text); 

Come on people, has no one any thoughts on this?

To all who read this. Happy Christmas and a prosperous 2016!
To the devs. Thanks for all your spare time invested in php-fusion.
I have not been digging to much in to it, it is a pattern often seen.
The extra is probably just a fail-safe addition. You can for example see it in preg_match for alpha chars pretty often as well (a-zA-Z).
WO doing any more extensive research on it and if I had to do an guess, Id say it could be because of older PHP versions to maintain compatibility.

Merry Christmas !
Thanks for your thoughts on this, seems a logical explanation. I'll try to find out if the fail safe is really necessary for the minimum php version that is advised/required for php-fusion.
I played a little with the regex and ended up with a simpler regex which uses less steps (old: 103 steps, new: 96 steps). I assume less steps is better performance:
$text = preg_replace_callback("#\[img\]((https?|ftps?):\/\/)(.*?)(\.(jpg|jpeg|gif|png))\[\/img\]#si", "img_bbcode_callback", $text);

You can test it here; https://regex101.com/r/cB4kY4/1
Let´s see what the Lead Dev says :)
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