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SDK for Translators - PHP-Fusion 9

If you master Github you can make requests directly to the directory here : https://github.com/php-fusion/PHP-Fusion-9-Locale

If you want other methods, please simply attach the files to this thread or mail them to us. ( management@php-fusion.co.uk )

Flags as seen in the English locale folder can be found in images/flags and images/small_flag

Copy your large flag from images/flags to locale/YourLanguage/Language.png
Copy your small flag from images/small_flag to locale/YourLanguage/Language-s.png

To make it as simple and structured as possible I recommend that you have a clean folder structure on your translations working space.

Like :



I have attached translate_structure_sdk.zip that follows the correct structure.
Pay special attention to shoutbox_panel and rss_feeds_panel, the locale file is not in a folder but in the root of the directory.

Always use English locale as base locale from the main download pack, it is guaranteed to be updated.
Copy the files from the English directories to match the SDK structure.
Make sure that you save the files in UTF-8 Without BOM.

Once your translation is done Git it or zip the whole folder structure and attach or send it to us and we will include it for you.

Also a reminder, Please do not translate any object names anywhere.

Chan Wrote :


Hi guys, please note that these terms should not be translated and to be left as english.

"Quantum Fields"

I notice Malay called Infusion as Infusi. That's not correct. Infusion is an object name, and a patented term by PHP-Fusion to refer as its system module.

- Same goes as TinyMCE, please don't go translate them as "SmallMCE" or "Small Editor", etc
- Same goes as Dynamics, please don't go translate them as "Transforming Fields" or "Transformer" or "Fast Transform" , etc
- Same goes with PHP-Fusion, don't go translate them as "PHP-Merge", etc.
- Same goes with Defender, don't go translate them as "Defense" or "Shield".
- Don't go translate CSS, HTML, or LESS, or SASS. I have seen LESS referred to "not more" in stack-overflow
- Same goes with referring to Quantum, don't go translate them "automatic field creator engine". You can however translate User Fields as Member Fields in any language.
Falk attached the following file:
translate_structure_sdk.zip [22.6kB / 676 Downloads]
Is there anyone working on Romanian translation? If not, I'm gonna start.
I have not seen or heard anything about Romanian yet.
I will work on the translation into Arabic
Ukrainian - work in progress! :)
What is the matter with English Submit.php?

The file is only 7 bytes and al wat in it is:

We probably don´t need it any more. All submissions is on Infusion level and for the user info panel we use global.
Edit : https://github.com/php-fusion/PHP-Fusion/commit/64c46a381d77382cbbd0a74325453e6d04f9af1d
70% of the Turkish language translation completed. Turkish and TurkishUTF8.
Good news !
Perhaps it is a good idea to quote the terms that shouldn't be translated. That could be a warning flag for translators not to translate them.

"Quantum Fields"

$locale['term'] = "\"Term\"";
I guess we can actually simply add a comment after as well // Do not translate this Object name :)
Why are some textst in the locale files single quoted and some double quoted?

$locale['setup_1308'] = "Unable to create database tables.";


$locale['setup_1404'] = 'Install';

Should be all the same to me
Yes it should indeed be consistent


only setup.php had a class in it from affected files, the class need to change " > ' aswell and it is all good.
Has someone started the Bulgarian translation? If not I will make it.
Please do, I have not heard anything about it.
Getting on it!
Working on Lithuanian translation update.

I'm not sure about those terms that we are supposed to not translate. I see two problems:
1. as of Lithuanian translation was done almost from beginning of v9, we have translated all those terms (and used our Lithuanian terms since beginning of Lithuanian translation); Now we are supposed to go back and check every file to retranslate them?
2. How do you imagine language to work? I mean, in Lithuanian "Install Infusion" would mean "&#302;diegti papildin&#303;", now it is supposed to sound "&#302;diegti Infusion"? That's crazy. Especially in different situations when word "Infusion" can be "papildinys", "papildin&#303;", "papildinius", "papildiniai" and so on. English language has only "Infusion" and "Infusions".

EDIT: seems like this forum does not support UTF-8?
Good to hear, it was a tad early to start translations before RC , I know that I mentioned it but a few were quite eager to get started early ;)
It sure makes the translation harder in this later stage and it might be easier to do a new one.

Object names are reserved for functional and recognition purposes, just as the code is based on English.

True, We have yet upgraded this site to 9 ( Work in progress ) Once done all will be UTF-8.
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