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SDK for Translators - PHP-Fusion 9

Not to mention that we already have problems with numbers in translation. Example:


There are currently %s pending for your review

Lithuanian (without utf-8 now to make it readable):


Siuo metu yra %s pateikimai, laukiantys patvirtinimo

Problem with "pateikimai" is that it can be used only when there is more than 1 submission but less than 10. This is why Lithuanian is hard. In order to have fully official language we should do that:
1 (submission) - pateikimas
2-9 - pateikimai
10 and more - pateikimu
I know there was some discussions about that issue for other languages as well, I will ask Hien if it was tackled with some solution.

Is 0 submissions also same as - pateikimas ?
No, it should say "pateikimu"* - as no submissions.

pateikimų - with utf-8.
I don't want to sound mean, but how you managed translations during the update of code is really bad. At first all translations were updated at the same time (like if you mane changes to English, you make changes to all other languages). But right now I have to check and compare each and every file of translations to see if anything is changed: are there new variables, are their names changed, are there changes in text.

In the future if you do some translation updates, please do same updates in all the translations so we don't have to recheck every line of code and look for changes.

Peace :G
I suggest to create a gist file or a file within the repository where we track changes to locale files. Because if I change something I can not translate everything in all languages.

The only thing I could do is add a variable and leave it English until someone will translate it.

Adding a variable in English is ok. We can see what changes were made the github itself, like it shows the last change, it shows history. Just when adding new variable, write a comment to it like "// translate this" and it would enough. Because is you edit only english locale, then it is hard to keep up, as it cat be simple corrections in locale itself (without dependency on other locales) or ir can be whole-locale field correction.
I totally agree.
The normal procedure is that we have a file or a forum thread that lists version changes in respective locale file.
To ask for a dev to update up to 30+ separate translations is just not viable. That will certainly only work as a bottle neck for devs since they will think both once and twice before doing anything in such scenario.

What happened here was a that quite a few Translators started to translate the beta, long before we flagged OK to translate. It was not viable for us to keep up with all locale changes in the translations at that time, we wanted to focus on the release.

I know that I mentioned that it was a tad early to translate but still fun to see people go at it, however it is better to wait to the RC since a lot of changes were in the pipeline. But it hard to follow all discussions for sure.

Great work on the patching tho ;)

Edit, for clarification. For any future revisions I will do the best to track locale changes for translators.
There's a spelling mistake in the English locale in setup.php
$locale['setup_1018'] = "You can exit this installer right now by clicking the button below. This will rename yoru config_temp.php file back to config.php.";
It should be:
$locale['setup_1018'] = "You can exit this installer right now by clicking the button below. This will rename your config_temp.php file back to config.php.";
Thank you.
There's another mispelling in locale/permalinks/faq.php
$locale['pl_faq_cat_title'] = "FaQ´s";
It should be with capital letters
$locale['pl_faq_cat_title'] = "FAQ´s";
$locale['pl_faq_cat_desc'] = "Enable FaQ Category Permalink on the Site.";
$locale['pl_faq_cat_desc'] = "Enable FAQ Category Permalink on the Site.";
Thank you for taking notice, I do think it is more of a typographic question, some want FAQ other want Faq and a few want FaQ, ive seen it all, right or wrong. Naturally, our spelling of it need to be consistent.
I've taken notice because in all the other files FAQ is written in capital letters, so I assumed that this is the standard and I think that we should pay attention to every tiny detail because this CMS is a premuim CMS. That's my point :).
Good thinking and exactly my point :)
Change will be made to it for consistency, thank you.
In admin\settings.php there's another standard mismatch
$locale['eshop_settings'] It is written Eshop instead of eShop.
Thank you , ;)
The translation to Bulgarian goes slowly because of the lack of a spare time but I've found a new mistake in locale\admin\English\migrate.php
$locale['101'] = "You must select two differant users for migration";
Should be
$locale['101'] = "You must select two different users for migration";
Soon I will post the whole translation. Sorry for the delay!
No worries, take your time :) fixed the spelling. Thank you !
Another mistake:
$locale['download_0204'] = "Downloads Source: Please either provide a Downloads file or a Uri
$locale['download_0204'] = "Downloads Source: Please either provide a Downloads file or a URL
Another mistake:
$locale['forum_0225'] = "Sortby";
$locale['forum_0225'] = "Sort by";
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