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SDK for Translators - PHP-Fusion 9

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No, The less 3d party we have involved the better, But we have been looking to build our own online tools for it, not sure it will result in anything yet but is an ambition.
Maybe it would be better to move the translation on Transifex or other this scheme type portal?
Congratulations for releasing first sharp stable Version of V9 guys!

I will do proper translation for german users next weekend and will send it in here as a zip archive.
Good news :)
It is a placeholder not yet used. By series one would refer to the document. ref number.
I just want to report that I started to development the hungarian locale. Also a quick question about a translation: in the global.php there is a part about Documents (around line 54). What does "Series" refer to here? Thanks!
Please do, we gladly accept all translations we not yet have.
That's sad. But If no one, I will try to do it eventually.
Sorry, I have not heard anything about that one yet.
Any information about Hungarian translation?

That is strange, will issue it : https://github.com/php-fusion/PHP-Fusion/issues/896
There is another problem that I cannot figure out: In the profile.php page when I am on Bulgarian locale the locale:
global.php - $locale['UM061a'] = "Email"; is written in symbols but not in cyrillic.
ctokepa attached the following file:
profileeng.png [2.9kB / 67 Downloads]
profilebg.png [3.48kB / 71 Downloads]


$locale['forum_0225'] = "Sortby";
$locale['forum_0225'] = "Sort by";
- by ctokepa

Fixed : https://github.com/php-fusion/PHP-Fusion/commit/13ef095c2bd4bd6b227f8d6402d870cf833be0a2
Thank you.
Yes, that's right: sort by
Another mistake:
$locale['forum_0225'] = "Sortby";
$locale['forum_0225'] = "Sort by";
Another mistake:
$locale['download_0204'] = "Downloads Source: Please either provide a Downloads file or a Uri
$locale['download_0204'] = "Downloads Source: Please either provide a Downloads file or a URL
No worries, take your time :) fixed the spelling. Thank you !
The translation to Bulgarian goes slowly because of the lack of a spare time but I've found a new mistake in locale\admin\English\migrate.php
$locale['101'] = "You must select two differant users for migration";
Should be
$locale['101'] = "You must select two different users for migration";
Soon I will post the whole translation. Sorry for the delay!
Thank you , ;)
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