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* Supporting 4 scoring methods, IPB, PHPBB2, vbProArcade,IPB v32
* Automated tournament system that saves highscores & displays latest tournaments with winners.
* Automated game size detection for games with new embedding routines.
* Dynamic zoomability, (users can resize the game window in real time).
* Ads/info pre-loader that can be displayed before each game.
* Users have their own personal favorite system & easy access & managing from the Arcade index.
* Users can send neat game tips to friends.
* Users can report nonfunctional games.
* Users Comment every game (uses Fusions comment table type (G).
* Users can click on a Hi-Score holders name in a game to see all existing Hi-scores.
* Reversed scoring feature, (Yes, it works!).
* Hi-Scores will be sent as a message to a member when their Hi-Score is beaten and a neat sound is played when you take the Hi-score.
* A new PHP-Fusion style listings when browsing games with options from settings.
* Fast Ajax search function that will list hits just as they would be shown in category browsing.
* Games can be turned Off / On when testing and evaluating, they will be found in the Parked area in the admin section.
* Fusions own group access system can be applied to individual games and/or to whole categories. If a game that is public is listed in a category that have custom group status it will not work either.
* Administrators have an easy & quick admin access for the games when browsing, which wont re-load page or relocate you when new values is being saved.
* Game size can be shown in the top right corner.
* Ajax 5 star voting system.
* Randomize game function, for people who just can t decide!
* Allow or disallow guests to play, with nice redirects to make them register or to keep playing anonymous.
* Allow gamers to either play in popup or embedded mode or selectable when browsing.
* User gold support (pay to play).
* Keep alive function (Players who play will stay online)
* Almost all user & automated features are optional, everything can be On or Off very easy via the settings page.
* Games mega center panel
* Games events panel
* When upgrading you can run a simple upgrade script if you want to keep records & stats from your old Arcade.

And much more!

You can see the latest version concept sites on http://www.venue.nu and http://nextarcade.nu

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See the concept site for updated version yet to have been released. Esp the animated scoreing system are quite neat, it have a very effect full animation if you take a high-score.
This one need to be updated, maybe the community can help with it!

If you have this error :


Table 'table_pref.table_name' doesn't exist

This will help you:

1. Open infusion.php (for infusion - check your /infusions/your_infusion_name folder)
2. find and replace all instances of


3. Last step - defuse your addon(if it's already infused) and infuse it again.
i have all that fixed and arcade is running successfully. i have a few games that wont load because of some wmode error
where would add -> wmode="direct" <- so the games will finish loading.

i tried arcade.php[ but dont know where to add that snippet.

this is the error: Context3D not available! Possible reasons: wrong wmode or missing device support.
Be sure? anyone uses this arcade, to disable tellafriend.php this is a open invitation for spammers to pound out emails.
just go in the infusions/varcade folder and look for tipafriend.php file and take it all out, the kroax has the same thing tipafriend.php that will stop spammers from sending out emails on your server. if i wouldve known about it a few years ago? I wouldve been using php-fusion back then
not a problem, i got html 5 games too
I need this Varcade to work with PHP8.. Is it possible? Can anyone help me, please? (:
i have VArcade 3.0 and infused it? click the link and im getting this error:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function eregi() in /home/outlawsg/public_html/infusions/varcade/functions.php:129 Stack trace: #0 /home/outlawsg/public_html/infusions/varcade/index.php(81): makeheader() #1 {main} thrown in /home/outlawsg/public_html/infusions/varcade/functions.php on line 129
VArcade need an update for PHP 7.0+ 
hey Falk, so we are not able to use ths infusion now?
Yes. Unless you can degrade PHP version used , or until I or someone else update it. 

Just realized, that I have already done most of the work : http://www.venue.nu/gamepage.php , Will post the updated version when new Main is online. It still needs some tuning to be v8 compatible on PHP 7.2+.
However, with flash experiy on Dec. 31 this year. We will probably need some imagination and find support for an alternative flash player as well. We need to see how it all develops.

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