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Member Pages


* Member Pages is officially approved
* Extensive user profiles with optional search engine for dating.
* User Photogalleries, highly customizable with multiple gallery options etc, multiple admin and user options.
* User Blogs with Calendar tracking and categories/subcategories.
* User Guestbooks
* Friends list for those who choose to have an extended profile on your site.
* Flirtsystem for some instant flirting, dynamic with admin controlled flirts.
* Easy messaging overlay system.
* Keeps track of VArcade scores and favorites if VArcade is installed.
* Status and Mood will show in the rightside if installed and set to ON.
* 4 predefineable preconfigured modes, All in one, Datemode, Photomode and Blogmode.
* Easy switch between Dark / Bright themes.
* Comments and pagenavigation based on AJAX.
* Approval system for Comments.
* Approval system for Guestbook entries.
* Recent visitors system , keeps track of recent known individual profile visitors and their activities.
* W3C Valid, all user sections and panels.
* Almost everything is optional and highly customizable, there are approximately over 100 available settings.

Some ready to use panels today:

* Member pages administration sidepanel
* Random member photoprofile rotator panel, (Single images JQuery simple rotation scripts, same as in profiles).
* Member photoprofile latest photos sidepanel, (Listing member photos).
* Member Photocloud sidepanel.
* Member photoprofile center panel, (tabs), optional tabs are Recently updated, Latest photos, Most popular, Popular blogs and Latest blogs.
* Profile search panel, (Match engine in a separate panel).
* Latest blogs sidepanel.
* Latest profiles sidepanel.
* Profile Photocloud sidepanel.
* Profile tagcloud with name / age panel.


These are the admin definable startpages that can be used, the selected page is the one that will be shown from the default Community link.

* allinonemode.php - can easily replace or share startpage with news.php
* blogmode.php - can easily replace or share startpage with news.php
* photomode.php - can easily replace or share startpage with news.php
* datemode.php - can easily replace or share startpage with news.php

Included modified corefiles. (optional, Member Pages will work anyway and there might be problems on some PHP-Fusion versions)

*profile.php,inserted a redirect to member pages profile if one exist, if not, there will be a notification that users can create an Extended profile and all of the extra features that comes with it. (See locale).
*setuser.php, inserted a redirect to the users profile as a startpage if they have an Extended profile. All other new users will be redirected to the create Extended profile section until they make one.

*Each member that signs up to this gets his own personal profile, site admin can select what is allowed or not via admin settings.
*Each member have their own settings section as well, so even if admin allows something they can select to not use it in their own profile.
*All users always have two or more ways to manage their profile settings and everything else that comes with it, first is the panel included, if you have it added and enabled, second is from their own profile, when a user is logged in they can find "Admin" in the top right corner of their own profiles.

*The user settings will be limited on what you set here but can contain On / off settings for all features ie blog / photo gallery / guestbook / flirts / quick messages / favorites / status and mood / VArcade etc.
*If you allow users to select different type of Photo albums they will also get to choose which one to use in their settings.
* Each copy are domain bound.

-- View this Addon --
This good old Infusion are in dire need of updates. Maybe I will tackle it or maybe the community beats me to it?
If you have this error :


Table 'table_pref.table_name' doesn't exist

This will help you:

1. Open infusion.php (for infusion - check your /infusions/your_infusion_name folder)
2. find and replace all instances of


3. Last step - defuse your addon(if it's already infused) and infuse it again.
And am getting the following errors, hopefully he'll see this and help me figure out how to get it to work :-)

Table 'fusion1.fusionD8Ur9_memberpp_site_settings' doesn't exist
Table 'fusion1.fusionD8Ur9_memberpp_photo_albums' doesn't exist
Table 'fusion1.fusionD8Ur9_memberpp_blog' doesn't exist
Table 'fusion1.fusionD8Ur9_memberpp_flirts' doesn't exist
Table 'fusion1.fusionD8Ur9_memberpp_profiled_user' doesn't exist

It won't even allow me to go into the settings link. Maybe it has to do with permissions on the directories, I don't know. This is the first infusion that really has given me a hard time...


Merged on Jul 09 2016 at 21:23:33:
Downloaded new copy of Member Pages and reinstalled it, chmoded required directories to 777 no change. Checked my database and did not see the required entries in the fusion1 database....
See the post above yours.
Thank you again Falk...It works great...

BUT what's the difference between the Type command and Engine command?

TYPE was used long time ago.. when Google was being incorporated as a two dollar company. That was when this infusion was coded, and this infusion was considered a big thing. It was very advanced at that point of time. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11471075/mysql-error-type-myisam
Cool, not used Member Pages for years. Might need to test this version at some point. Is this the version that used to be paid?
Yes it is the former paid version.


TYPE was used long time ago.. when Google was being incorporated as a two dollar company. That was when this infusion was coded, and this infusion was considered a big thing. It was very advanced at that point of time. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11471075/mysql-error-type-myisam
- by Chan

Thanks for the info Chan...Appreciated very much...
Hi at all,
ENGINE works ...
but - i haveanother problem,
after the installation of member_pages it destroys the main navigation, but only when I am logged in and use one of the functions of member_pages / click it - look:

what can I do? :@

Best regards
I am not sure what I am looking at, but seems to me that it is high-lighting more top navigation links.
If that is the case you need to rename some class ( active ) to let´s say active2.
There is a section named Turn Ons. Lets say you like tattoos, but you also like Body Piercings. As it stands now, it only let's you select one option. Is there any way to change this to allow for multiple selections.
You can´t add more option without adding more db entries and modify the system, but you can change locale on some of the current options to something you rather have.
I did make a few changes to the locale. I am changing the height and some other things. They were easy enough for a guy who knows nothing.
i got the follow errors
Table 'name_fusion.fusionpsu97_memberpp_site_settings' doesn't exist Error: Table 'name_fusion.fusionpsu97_memberpp_site_settings' doesn't exist

i tryed the follow thing

But it stil not work how can i fix these

If you run PHP-Fusion v9 it will not work, it is only for 7 or 8.
hi falk i run phpfusion 8
Try with replacing what you did in all instances in infusion.php to
ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8mb4 COLLATE=utf8mb4_unicode_ci;

i did what u say buth the same error
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