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* Multiuser support, switch between single user mode and multiuser mode.
* Calendar that tracks individual blogs, displaying selected year / month / day.
* Open Archive, lists year/month where there are any entries.
* Category and subcategory support.
* Image uploads, one image per blog, scalable to desired size in blog by admin interface.
* Image align options for each blog, currently: left - center - right.
* Insert images, easy access to insert images from your Photogallery and Archived blog images.
* Search blogs function.
* Comment system and pagenavigation based on AJAX.
* Approval system for the comments.
* Admin definable width of the blog interface.
* HTML can be used to blog.
* W3C Valid , all user sections and panels.
* The Blog is very flexible since almost everything is optional.

Some ready to use panels included.

* blog_calendar_panel, will show where users blogs are when entering a blog, also serves as a tracker with navigation where you can sort blogs by day / month / year.
* blog_search_panel, add this for searching.
* blog_user_latest_panel, add this panel if you want to show a list of latest blogs from a specific user.
* blog_openarchive_panel, simple tracker panel, show entry's by year / month.
* blog_cats_panel , add this panel if you use blog categories, will only be displayed when entering a user blog.
* Latest blogs with comments / avatar show sidepanel
* Animated tag cloud generator sidepanel
* bloggers.php / will list all individual bloggers on your site and some stats along with their latest blog when you run multiuser mode.

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This one need to be updated, maybe the community can help with it!

If you have this error :


Table 'table_pref.table_name' doesn't exist

This will help you:

1. Open infusion.php (for infusion - check your /infusions/your_infusion_name folder)
2. find and replace all instances of


3. Last step - defuse your addon(if it's already infused) and infuse it again.
Hello Developers,

I need times your help with the vBlog. Unfortunately the pictures are not displayed. The directory /infusions/blog/images has CHMOD 777.

My PHP Fusion installation is at http://wpzweinull.ch/cms/phpfusion and there you can see the vBlog, it finds in the right sidebar in the portal navigation.

What am I doing wrong or what needs to be done before the images are displayed?

Thanks in advance.
I took a quick peak and from what I can tell it seems to be the SEO Engine you have.
If you inspect the image element the path is repeated multiple times,
<img src="../../../../infusions/blog/images/1/../../../infusions/blog/img/imagenotfound.gif" class="center" alt="">

Try add the images with absolute urls , maybe need to change the paths in code, I can´t remember how it was coded.
I just downloaded and attempted to install this on 7.02.07 and it infused just fine but when I try to go to the Admin panel for the vBlog, all I get is a blank page. Any idea what could be causing the blank page when I try to open admin for this infusion? I'd like to use it on my site.
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