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How about a PhPfusion Website Award

I think about making a PhPfusion Website Award
1. Best Developer
2. Best Support
3. Best Website
4. Best Content

Gold, Silver, Bronze
Need Logos for all that, anyone have time to create some logos for this?
Not a bad idea, I can imagine some kind of PHP+HTML tag for best developer, a happy user face for best support, a golden something for best site and a golden newspaper or along those lines for best content.

Thats the easy part.

Now, the tricky part is:
  • What to expect from the best developer? In theory, a 9 site should be built without using code, that is one of the goals, do not make users or webmasters have to code, so from that aspect a developer is kinda irrelevant. I know we jump in to the code and make small changes all the time, but frankly, I expect not having to.
  • What is excellent support? I work with support, and we are NOT supposed to help everyone with everything, we have strictly defined parameters. How do you measure that?
  • As for best website, what are the requirements for a good website? That it looks good, has relevant content for its general topic, loads fast, is code compliant? Safe for kids? Safe for work? Popular?
  • Similar questions comes to mind when you tackle best content... from who's perspective? How do you rate it?

All in all, you need to have a document outlining the required parameters for each and all of the targets. Otherwise it will be questioned, the decisions will be based on bad data and the whole idea just crumble to pieces.
Yes, your right, i only had the idea, if someone will do it fine for me. Maybe just Award for Support, Website, Content.

Back in the earliere PHP-Fusion days I had a PHP-Fusion Award site. It became no big succes - but I liked the idea.

I had three things in my mind when I rewarded the applyed websites:
  • Content (regarding to what the website is all about))
  • Coding
  • Design

In each of them a website could get a score from 1-10. The result of the score got either the Bronze Award, Silver Award, Golden Award or Platinum Award.
But I can tell you that you will get some PM's about "Why did my good looking website not got bigger score than my neighbours site !?" and so on. Then you must have some kind of "Documention" why you decide to put a score on all the websites. Therefor I used the above mentioned way to decide what score the websites got.

But I say: Go on for it - maybe you could get some more people "in the boat" - I think that more peeps deciding the score would only be a plus. :)

Have a good evening/night outthere Fusionist's :G
Smokey!!! :D

Nice seeing you around!

Why don't you to Germanic Tribe People get together and do some planning? If Final come out before summer, there would be plenty of time to have such a contest running during autumn/winter (people will probably be busy upping their sites during summer)
PHP-Fusion UK for the gold!!

Maybe you could create a photogallery and sort the websites by user ratings.
Yes thats a good idea @Netrix
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