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Strange problem regarding forum attachments. Some jpg work and some jpg can not be attached???

Really hope some one can help me.
I have a stange problem. I have 3 jpg's the names is the same except 1,2,3 at the end and the size is almost also the same. They are all jpg (lowercase)
Two of the files can be attached with no problem but the last file can not be attached.
I also have users complaining about the same problem, and when they send me the jpg (via mail) they are right, the files can not be attached.
Get the message "files of this type can not be used".

What is wrong here?

EDIT: I tried to attached the problematic file here, but is seens to also fail here?? what is the problem with mine and my users photos??
Link to the 3 photos: http://germann.dk/pack.zip
Barkbuster3.jpg is the problematic one that not can be attached to this and my forum.
The file can be a gif or similar named jpg or it have some code in it that is not OK.
Open the file in an image editor and re-save it as the format you want.
I have now re-sized the picture and saved it as jpg, but the problem is still the same, I can not attach it. Even not in this forum.
Anyway I am sure it is not a gif named as jpg since the 3 pictures it taken with my smartphone and in the same format.
What is the problem??
It is the file named Barkbuster3.jpg that is problematic. The other two pictures can be attached. They can be downloaded here: germann.dk/pack.zip if anyone would like to give it a try.
I am sorry to ask again then. I spend last night to search for an answer and also did read the tread you link to. I did put // before the "die" in the maincore.php but this did not help.

I still NOT understand why I only can attach 2 out of 3 files. And the problem is also on this forum. Please tell me what is wrong with my picture (Barkbuster3.jpg)
I had the same problem with a pdf file. The only solution was remove mimetypesinclude.php
Can you be more speficic? Remove the file or should it be removed from maincore.php?
You need to remove the function from maincore.php.
It is clear on how to remove it in the thread given : https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=34134
I have done that, but it do not help. I have add // before "die" the two places, but still get the error message when attaching the problematic jpg file.
Why will it not accept that file?? It can not also not be attached here in this forum.
Maybe it is Php-fusion in general there is the problem.
Test attached files
Falk attached the following file:
barkbuster1_1.jpg [635.6kB / 43 Downloads]
barkbuster2_1.jpg [770.28kB / 43 Downloads]
barkbuster3.jpg [437.69kB / 43 Downloads]
As I mentioned before, your file was most likley damaged. I took it from the attached pack, verified the issue. Opened the file in Photoshop, resaved it and it worked just fine here as I instructed you to do earlier, as you can see it is attached and uploaded. Feel free to use the re-worked file.
Data can become corrupt in images and zipfiles etc... and cause issues like this.
Thanks. Well I am able to convert image file, but my users is not.
I hear just too often users having trouble with attachments.
The Barkbuster3.jpg can be viewed on any PC, ipad, android device, but not be attached in the Phpfusion forum. Sorry, but I really have a hard time to accept this. But thanks for all the response.
I think it is strange that I have SO many users trying to upload damaged pictures on my forum. This is a big problem.
I really don't care if the pictures is damaged, if a picture viewer can show the picture, then phpfusion also should be able to.
As there apparently is no solution to my problem, I am forced to convert my forum, and use another forum software :-(
If you turned the MIME check function off as mentioned here : https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=37410&pid=198311#post_198204 and that does not help. Then you have a new common problem that never has been seen in the 10 year history this CMS have. Occasionally files can be broken and fail security checks but it should be rare.
Naturally you are free to try another software but uploading images and to do standard checks for malicious codes is not exactly quantum mechanics. If it is common in Fusion for you now, then I am guessing you will see same types of issues in other softwares as well., Only time will tell.
Best of Luck !
I don't really want to change forum software, but as long that I and all my users have problems attaching pictures (some work and some dont), and there don't seem to be any solution, well then what is my alternatives???

"Files of this type can not be attached" :-(
jangermann attached the following file:
I think that message is another issue as to the previous one, that previous issue should as mentioned be rare.
Find, in Administration > Forum Settings > Allowed file types:
Default is : .gif,.jpg,.png,.zip,.rar,.tar,.7z
Separate each type with a comma
Some files might have a large ending, add for example ,.JPG and not .jpg and it can fail. Try to add some combos and see how it works.
I am aware of the types and how they are added. But my problem is that both pictures is jpg (not JPG), one can upload and not the other.
I allow 20mb of attachments so it is also not a size problem.
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