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"You are not superadmin."

I am testing the Bulgarian translation. I install RC3 and when I configure the admin account it redirects me to a blank page and after refreshing there's just a sign that says "You are not superadmin." This is an issue for me because I did not have it while testing RC1.
While installing it with English locale and after this changing it to Bulgarian has no issues. Where can the bug be?
Ty, issued https://github.com/php-fusion/PHP-Fusion/issues/872
I am posting all of this here. Some of the topics are not for here but I think it is not optimal to open additional threads.
The Bulgarian translation is done! I have uploaded it in this thread because there is this issue while installing with Bulgarian locale.
The theme Septenary is not working well with the Bulgarian locale as well.
The issues are when in FAQ section the header menu is going down (the lower red square). And when Bulgarian locale is selected you have additional space above the header (the first red square).
Also I am adding the last mistakes of the English locale I have noticed:

$locale['forum_0305'] = "You are trying to move the first post in this thread!<br />The first post <strong>will not be moved</strong> and has been removed from list becouse there are still posts left in the thread.";
correct: because
$locale['forum_0306'] = "You are trying to move the first post in this thread!<br />The first post <strong>will be moved </strong> and thread will be deleted.";
Additional space after the </strong> tag.


$locale['gallery_0155'] = "Submission Id";
ID I think should be in capital letters because everywhere else it is written in capitals.

That is all for now :)
ctokepa attached the following file:
bulgarianlocale_1.zip [149.44kB / 190 Downloads]
themebug1.png [102.04kB / 90 Downloads]
Locales fixed, Bulgarian Added, Great work. Thank you.
So I have seen the additional space above the theme. It is a bug that comes from UTF-8 encoding. If the file is encoded in UTF-8 (I have changed the file English.php of the theme to UTF-8) the theme adds additional symbols to the top and it results as an issue (additional space above the header - Septenary theme).
the encoding process has generated

edit all local files
delete symbols <?php
perhaps that is the reason
I do not have additional symbols after compiling.
editing these files should be corrected
edit file
line1 delete

edit file
line1 delete

I installed and everything right in Bulgarian
I do not happen the problem
After editing all files and delete online part 1
entry to correct management
Thank you very much for your great work and contribution
Talocha attached the following file:
admin1.jpg [89.35kB / 84 Downloads]
admin2.jpg [91.98kB / 108 Downloads]
admin3.jpg [81.17kB / 109 Downloads]
admin4.jpg [74.49kB / 80 Downloads]
Can you upload the corrected files?
Talocha attached the following file:
bulgarian_-_locale_v2.zip [155.91kB / 196 Downloads]
Everything works fine now. I have added additional translations and also I have added the Septenary Bulgarian locale. Here is version 3 of Bulgarian translation. I have no issues with it!
ctokepa attached the following file:
bulgarianlocalev3.rar [128.54kB / 201 Downloads]
Great work !
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