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Articles - Clik add photo


The table articles do not article_image, article_image_t1, article_image_t2

It is only at the top of me? Is it a mistake?

In the administration / editor:
does not have the "it Clik add photo" as in the News.

Upload images in "Image Articles" works, but how to insert when editing the article?
Kvido attached the following file:
php-fusion_articles_upload.jpg [42.21kB / 108 Downloads]
the Articles infusion does not work with image

due to changes in obtain home.php for showing images and Articles is also in $configs = array ();
It is why I get the error

the best option is to expand the Articles infusion to support image upload.
with that and the $configs = array (); finds and shows the image.

I will start this MOD at http://v9.laweb.es/
Yes! Already I am working on it.
ATTENTION this MOD is only for PHP_Fusion version 9

This mod allows uploading images to articles category.
It allows you to upload image on each article.
It performs the same functions as the infusion News

1 - if you have installed items infusion should back up your files and bd

2 - articles uninstall infusion if it is installed.

replace existing upload files.

3 - go to administration and install the items infusion.

Images appear also in home.php


It is possible that the categories of items are not installed,
RC2 and RC3 testing if installed.
You can be any variable or locale out of place and we will continue correcting.
articles_mod_v9.zip various corrections
articles_MOD-1_v9.zip various corrections
articles_MOD-2_v9.zip Last update
Talocha attached the following file:
articles_mod-2_v9.zip [236.93kB / 199 Downloads]
First test on localhost:
1 / Infusion Articles appeared in the Administration / Infusions - OK
2 / Article works, store goes - OK
3 / Image can not be saved -----
4 / Link works /infusions/articles/articles.php home articles opens, the article is displayed + image categories - OK

That's all for now.
Excellent Your work is fantastic!
Great Mod , we might include it to core if proven stable. It has nice functionallity.

5 / home.php me longer works, I accidentally copied the old version.
6 / Attention pictures are failing to save the currency. Looking out why!
Constant IMG_READ_MORE already defined
Line: 38
define("IMG_READ_MORE", true);

I forgot to change and repeated in foreach generates an error

change that line place I put the code on line 19

corrected - articles_mod-1_v9.zip


it is not the thumbnail
depending on the dimensions of the image may not create miniature according to settings you have

replaced by
articles_start Does not exist
Changed all by article_start
corrected - articles_mod-2_v9.zip
for this mod must be changed

if more errors appear
prepared in
localhost, new installation of PHP-Fusion + articles_mod-2:
1 / Error - by Talocha changed, but it does not affect the HomePage + Articles
2 / Articles + text is displayed: http: // localhost / articles, images can not be inserted! But in Images can import images.
3 / The homepage is not displayed News, Articles, Download, Galery ...

I find mistakes right now.
1 / Latest Articles on my localhost HomePage displays.
2 / Also some pictures of ARTICLES, viz. photo here. But there are still errors. E.g. in articles / admin / articles number 941
is supposed to be
and more...

Tomorrow I continue in the changes, I'll see how it goes.
Kvido attached the following file:
php-fusion_901rc3_home_29042016.png [563.55kB / 111 Downloads]
Kvido attached the following file:
You are cloning news.php to work with Articles table?
Yes, the core_mlang_hub_include.php works as an instant translator to the correct language when for example hot linking to non default languages or even non-selected languages that are instanced. If one want that functionallity, the hub is required to operate on Core content.
1 / Does opening section Articles
2 / When click on a link to open the full text
3 / The Administration works opening images / categories
4 / Does not work I still edit articles

So far, so ...
Soon I will give ZIP files.
Continuing ... Administration Articles are already here!

No me button does not work ...
I still have such problems:
Unknown column articles in the id field list
Kvido attached the following file:
phpf_articles_administration1.png [103.85kB / 109 Downloads]
Module / Infusion "Articles" leave without changes in the original!
Instead of iunfuze I edited - cloned version of "NEWS" to "2NEWS"

But I have a problem. Homepage displays OK - section / module Journalism. However, on a separate page "2NEWS" just pictures without text:

In doing so, the Administration Editing texts News shows ...

1 / DB and the addition of new tables and clone the whole infusion news on 2news I made adjustments and additions to 2news files:
root / home
root / print
root / submit
includes / multisite_include
includes / bildlist
includes / core_constants_include
inbcludes / mlang_hub_include
administration / images
theme / tempolates / global / home
includes / classes / PHPF / ImageRepo
includes / theme_functions_include
themes / admin_themes / Venus-Old / functions

2 / Does anyone interested in this infusion? I think that's not a bad idea, protožeArticles does not meet the requirements to insert a picture on the homepage. Articles infusion is otherwise resolved. Therefore, I decided to infuse 2NEWS.

3 / You might need 2NEWS link to čistouý installation setup.
Kvido attached the following file:
phpf_2news_construktion1.png [372.07kB / 82 Downloads]
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