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form_select let's layout explode

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when i add a form_select it is placed outside of the window at the right.
form_text elements are placed as expected.

i added a screenshot and this is the code i use to create:

    $item = dbarray(dbquery("select * from " . DB_SF_ITEM . " where id=$id"));
    $output = openform("save_item","POST",clean_request("site=item", array("aid"), TRUE), array("class" => "m-t-20"));
    $output .= form_hidden("id", $item["id"]);
    $output .= form_text("name", "Name", $item["item_name"])."<br>";
    $output .= form_select("type", "Type",$item["item_type"],array("options"=>array(
        1 => $locale["sofu_item_type_1"],
        2 => $locale["sofu_item_type_2"],
        3 => $locale["sofu_item_type_3"],
        4 => $locale["sofu_item_type_4"],
    $output .= form_text("cost", "Cost", $item["item_price"], array("type"=>"number"))."<br>";
    $output .= form_checkbox("active", "Active", $item["item_active"])."<br>";
    $output .= form_button("save_item", "Update", "Update");
    $output .= closeform();
    echo $output;
mawe4585 attached the following file:
form_select_placement.png [13.14kB / 87 Downloads]

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Add options parameters width

$option = array (
"width"=>"100%" //default is 250px
Doesn't solve the problem, it only makes the select larger.
However i found out it has something to do with the style-part "display: inline-block"
If i remove this in the developer console it behaves as it should.
it's part of the .select2-container selector in select2.css

have a look at the screenshots
mawe4585 attached the following file:
form_select_display_off.png [27.06kB / 68 Downloads]
form_select_display_on.png [26.65kB / 71 Downloads]
Try adding inline false to options array.
"inline" => FALSE
still doesn't work :(
is this display:inline-block really just there because of ie7?
what browsers does php-fusion 9 support? why still ie7?
well it should poof when inline false is used?
if the goal is to make the area smaller you can wrap it in a fixed div with widths specified or ju can try to fall back to smaller amount of PX instead of % based.
im using this in version 9 and it works


      echo form_select_tree("figure_manufacturer", $locale['figure_417'], $criteriaArray['figure_manufacturer'], 
            "inline" => TRUE,
            "required" => TRUE,
            "width" => "400px",
            "placeholder" => $locale['figurelib-placeholder-102'],
            "error_text" => $locale['figurelib-error-102'],
            "no_root" => 1,
            "query" => (multilang_table("FI") ? "WHERE figure_manufacturer_language='".LANGUAGE."'" : ""),
            "maxselect" => 1,
            "allowclear" => TRUE,
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