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Fast Question: Bootstrap Theme Panel width where?

i have a fast question: where can i set the panel width in Bootstrap Theme ? i have look in css but couldend find a setting.
All nested <div> elements are set to width:100%; by default bootstrap. By the Bootstrap goal - "Mobile first" , it means - don't think about desktop, always think about the browser in your cellphone; Desktop doesn't matter. As such there are no width for panel.

1. The hardcode way --

If you are using Septenary:

Adjust accordingly there.

Explanation the logic of default 100% width and how it works with all screen sizes:

.row - functions to ensure content inside does not bleed out, and fit to screen when the screen resizes.
.col- properties functions to set the width


<div class='row'>
<div class='col-xs-12 col-sm-3 col-md-4'>Will be 100% in mobile and 3/12 width in tablet and 4/12 width in desktop</div>

So, in our layman implementation it's as good as:

<div style='width:100%;'>
<!---invalid css markup--->
<div class='mobile-width:30%; laptop-width:30%; desktop-width:30%;' >
<!---//invalid css markup--->
openside(""); // width 100%;
<!---invalid css markup--->
<div class='mobile-width:70%; laptop-width:70%; desktop-width:70%;'>
<!---//invalid css markup--->

Accordingly as explained - all panel is 100%; It is so for all devices screensize. However, as you can see how bootstrap grid works.

2. CSS override way:
in theme stylesheet styles.css - just do an override. See there is .leftbar and .main-content , i specifically left there



You can declare .main-content { width: 80% !important; } and .leftbar { width: 20% !important; } to adjust the side bar settings, for example. Although i would strongly advise that your .main-content and .leftbar should be implemented with @media-queries


If you want to adjust the grid width for the entire site, you need to override how bootstrap grid works by redefining the css classes.

// Mobile
.col-xs-1 { width: ??px; }

// Tablet
.col-sm-1 ... .col-sm-12

// Laptop
.col-md-1 ... col-md-12

// Desktop
.col-lg-1 ... col-lg-12

This will alter the width settings on full bootstrap framework.

Hope my answer helps.
thanks that's help me and other smile
next questions:

1.) i want a big banner.. or better say ... i need a perfect sized banner ... in my header ... how can i do that .. what size i need or better ask ... what is the best solution/width for a banner in bootstrap?
My banner is shown as a mini version ..thats looks ugly. I want use this: http://aliencollectors.com/

2.) i want more colors or other colors .. is this in bootstrap possible or better not?

3.) i like the old Gillette Multicolor ... it its possible to add a multicolor function on bootstrap?

i have use in version 9 the old Gillette multicolor ... it works ... but .... i have some errors in view on new forms (placeholders and other will not be shown) ... so i must change to a new theme.

im frustrated that we have no new themes .. only this both this coming with the install-packet. The most old dosent work right only with many errors in view. i have ask some times here the developer for update their themes and infusions but nothing do what.

PHP FUSION NEED IMPORTANT NEW MODERN THEMES!!!!! THEMES ARE REALLY IMPORTANT .. think about ... a new php fusion user looks at first on layout and not in the code! And we need more user!
Hello again, I cannot open the link to aliencollectors.com.

For perfect fit of image width to container, there are few options you can explore in pf9

1. thumbnail() function. Usage is for square image.
echo thumbnail(IMAGES."aaa.jpg", "50px");

2. HTML responsive image:

<div style='width:350px;'>
<img src='....' class='img-responsive' />

The reason div container is used as a placeholder and size definition for the image max width.

For themes, we have quite a few themes in the repository in GitHub, but like I said during early stage of beta (I think beta2) , we need more theme developers..

I have had at least 8 good developers went missing half way. It was just me and Domi pushed through Beta. The main reason is there was no incentive for good developers to pursue this.

With regards to this, as the copyright owner for Php Fusion CMS is now belong to MT, we released an Epal licensing to waive all agpl terms to full proprietary (non-open source) on all non core codes. This was to attract theme developers to sell their themes on main and should run support in their own website. The condition was that you MUST sell through this site and let us charge a waiver, (including support, download bandwidth, and a agpl waiver) The fee is 20% of the amount what you sell for, (mind Envato marketplace outside takes up to 50% charge.) The reason was simple. This site always gets contacted for all PF vulnerabilities in 3rd party codes. ( We need to spend time to look at responding to hours of emails everyday. )

I think is fair to users, and developers want to make money from Php Fusion can do so now. EPAL is the platform, and that is what we MT can do to make more content for PF9 such as modern themes. I can answer clearly and openly regarding this. Truly all is in good faith. It's not about earning billions. It's the hardship I see in our developers real life all these years. I could appreciate some understanding when we say we will start charging minimum fees for things soon.

I believe, those who want to help can do so in many forms - some want to work but need money for living. Some want to download but they need to help by funding the people working. We are not getting funded to help developers, and currently MT is working out of our own pockets. We are talking dedicated hundreds of hours.

In line of the above, MT is now working on the new face for this site, using 9 and along with services.. It is still in progress. We again set to impress, and will work hard to do so.
Hmn thanx for your answer Chan.

normaly i like this design: http://aliencollectors.com/site/home.php
the banner is perfect in the middle and the width is exact the with of site

here on my testsite: http://aliencollectors.com/test/home.php i have activate the bootstrp theme.
The banner is only shown on home site .. of all other is only a placeholder or wahtever.

I have take a look in the teme.php but couldn't find the right place for your code

can you help?

question 2: how can i activate in Theme manager my custom defined custom presets
i have add one but cant see any changes on site
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