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Slideshow HTML 5 for PHP Fusion 9

At the moment i try to include Images from a folder and stored with name and id and other data in a database table to show as a slideshow on my site.

Problem .. i found a old script what use shockwave and not perfect works .. i see the images bit someone is wrong.

Now, im looking for a better solution to make it. I found lightbox (old) and google says with HTML 5 are better versions for do that available.

Have anyone a example for show with HTML 5 Images from a database and folder to show on a php fusion 9 site?
I found this but i have a database and folder in my root --> http://www.kvisoft.com/tutorials/html...eshow.html

can anyone help me?
PF9 runs on Bootstrap.

See this website -- primarily all the HTML you will ever need to copy.

can be closed ... its done
Let´s stop and don´t close modification and request threads or any other that answers valid questions. If others have same questions / issue they benefit from the threads in the correct forum area. It is the whole point with Forums.
Otherwise we can have a strict ticket system.
Soon you may not need to. RC5 Customer Page will have in-built custom widgets when building up a simple custom page implementations.

Though, for your Figurelibs infusion that you are working on , you need to refer to this: http://getbootstrap.com/javascript/#carousel

And as for the Carousel Widget plugin for Custom Page, I'm referring to that as well. You already have the .js file loaded for the carousel in every copy of PHP-Fusion 9. Paste the code in and see for yourself.

I'm so so so so glad that we have the clean_request function built up... the admin is crazy complex to code and requires tons of focus though.






Now Add Row Sliders need - Add Slider, Edit Slider, Delete Slider..
I could have given up by now if it was not manageable by a simple clean_request() function. str_replace(FUSION_REQUEST, .... ); wont even come close to manage strings like this.

Problem is you cannot use POST to things like this. You need to use GET so the browser knows where you are. Refresh problem also. You do not want "Confirm reload" pop up in the middle of things in case Server is slow and did not properly refresh.

I also need to use modal to push add_to_footer() to send middle codes down to footer escaping the earlier </form> because the include file is in between of <form> and </form>.

Lots to think, lots to code, lots of areas like widgets API to focus on. Will take me time. I'm estimating this week for prototype if I'm careful enough.
Thanx Chan for your words :)
... this part on my figurelib is solved. I include a bootstrap carousel and now my pics will be shown as a slideshow . I get my images from Database & folder on server. Last days i spend many time to learn some things about bootstrap :)
I have delete the old part js files etc well it makes only problems in other devices.
at first i have change my figurelib and delete all tables and make it with bootstrap. So i have no problems on different devices. ... thats cool :)

but i need help with my
1.) delete button
2.) page nav on mycollection site
You need to wait for me to finish up RC5. Everyone should be eager.

I'm showcasing the work done yesterday. I manage to serialize the entire Carousel to compress data settings and unserialize, sort array as ordering, merge array for new entries. It's kind of new to me without SQL. Everything done in array format, but yes, I managed somehow.

The URL for Managing Slider on Edit is something like this - Link that!



Question - If the above means.. We are currently in Custom Page Tab no. 2, is edit mode, custom page id is 5, and we are also in composer mode, and is configuring a column, that has row id of 5, and the column has a slider widget, and is currently in slider form, slider form is edit, and you are editing first entry.

Now, If were to go back to current slider. What is your link? Clean Request - Auto calculate removal of edit, widgetKey and widgetAction key. So i need to issue a documentation for Widget SDK only to use WidgetKey and WidgetAction now coz the main tab in custom page will erase that too, on save and on back.

My notes is complicated ^^
Bootstrap centering modal in middle of screen - https://codepen.io/dimbslmh/full/mKfCc will be in default.css
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