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Page nav

i want to add a page nav on a custom side but it doesent work


i get the settings ($asettings) from $fil_settings = get_settings("figurelib"); and the settings DB table where i have "figure_per_page"

this is my table


$inf_newtable[] = DB_FIGURE_USERFIGURES." (
figure_userfigures_id mediumint(8) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
figure_userfigures_figure_id varchar(100) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
figure_userfigures_user_id varchar(100) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
figure_userfigures_sorting varchar(50) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
figure_userfigures_language VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL DEFAULT '".LANGUAGE."',
PRIMARY KEY (figure_userfigures_id)

my code
    $fil_settings = get_settings("figurelib");
      $max_rows = dbcount("(figure_userfigures_id)", DB_FIGURE_USERFIGURES, "figure_userfigures_user_id='".$userdata['user_id']."'");   

      $_GET['rowstart'] = isset($_GET['rowstart']) && isnum($_GET['rowstart']) && $_GET['rowstart'] <= $max_rows ? $_GET['rowstart'] : 0;
      if ($max_rows != 0) {
         $result = dbquery("SELECT * FROM ".DB_FIGURE_USERFIGURES." WHERE figure_userfigures_user_id='".$userdata['user_id']." LIMIT ".$_GET['rowstart'].",".$asettings['figure_per_page']);
         echo $result;
         $numrows = dbrows($result);
         $info['figure_rows'] = $numrows;
         $info['page_nav'] = $max_rows > $asettings['figure_per_page'] ? makepagenav($_GET['rowstart'], $asettings['figure_per_page'], $max_rows, 3, INFUSIONS."figurelib/mycollection.php?&amp;") : 0;
         echo $info['page_nav'] ? "<div class='text-right'>".$info['page_nav']."</div>" : '';

Catzenjaeger attached the following file:
111_1.jpg [40.44kB / 62 Downloads]
This code is working.. and in your screenshot there is a page nav. I don't understand the problem.


  $info['page_nav'] = $max_rows > $asettings['figure_per_page'] ? makepagenav($_GET['rowstart'], $asettings['figure_per_page'], $max_rows, 3, INFUSIONS."figurelib/mycollection.php?&amp;") : "";

Have you printed out your output?


print_p("Max rows found - $max_rows ");
print_p("Item per page ".$asettings['figure_per_page']);

Always try to debug as it answers about 99% of the question.
Catzenjaeger attached the following file:
wee.jpg [29.95kB / 51 Downloads]
Just took a glanse at it, and I see $asettings['figure_per_page'] should it not be $fil_settings ?. it is defined on top
$fil_settings = get_settings("figurelib"); so correct setting is not called and the pagenav won´t work
Unfortunately, this is not the solution.

i have declard it global
both versions works:

echo $asettings['figure_per_page']; --> show 1
echo $fil_settings['figure_per_page']; --> show 1

In other words, variable and values are all available. I think the code is wrong
Check the codes, compare and test. There are plenty of working examples in the 9 Infusions included.
That how it works, even if we make a new function or come up with new methods and so forth, we often need to go back and check, like how on earth did I do that now again. That is what dev often is about. ( check - cross refer, re-mind your self how you thought in the first place.) :)
is it possible that I have misplaced it?
fogive me .. i have check all infusions but everywhere is different .. i see no schematic :)

I have the very bottom of the script (see GitHub). Does this have not up in and then in between the normal code? I would indeed provide only the content of a code between openside and closside with a page nav

i sit since hours on it :( damn




SQL query for my list of all figures
show all figures
here pagenav?

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