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I have modified PHP-Fusion v7.02.07 and called it Chrome-Fusion.
For all those who want to have more ranks in this system beside the usual admin and site admin, in Chrome-Fusion it is possible to appoint moderators and super-moderators in addition to those.
Other modifications are:
- ssl encoding for smtp
- site admin email and system email are differentiated: the site admin email is shown in the contact form as before
- more functions are being planned...

The language of this site is GERMAN.

LINK: http://chrome-fusion.de

P.S.: This site is under construction.
Infusions still need to be modified and will come in the near future.
Very Nice!
first infusions are online
Chrome-Fusion v2.00.00 with PHP7 support is online

The language of this site is GERMAN.
LINK: http://chrome-fusion.de
Good job :)
Not able to download the file. Getting this error message.

Not Found

The requested URL /chrome-fusion/versions/php7/Chrome-Fusion_v2.00.00.zip was not found on this server.
sorry for this.
the problem is solved and the download is now possible.
the URL of the file was invalid
I had to change line 2133 of setup.php from:

echo ''.locale['539'].'' ;

echo "'.locale['539'].'" ;

in order to start the set up going. Then it stopped without all of the tables being created and it just came up with a blank page. I am trying to set this up on a localhost if that makes any difference.
no its all fine with the setup.php.
i have it installed in Xampp on localhost and as a test installation on my webserver with apache and PHP 7.

both installations are completed succesfully and no blank page.
tested in PHP5 and PHP7.
The reason I was getting the blank screen is because I was trying to upload it to a localhost being run on a flash drive and was running out of time to get the tables created. All is good once I installed it on a local hose on my hard drive.
Chrome-Fusion v2.00.01 and v2.00.01 update is online

This update contains some bugfixes.

The language of this site is GERMAN.
LINK: http://chrome-fusion.de
I uploaded the new version of chrome fusion (2.00.1) and although it still shows the version as 2.00, I was not able to infuse the external wrapper infusion that works fine on php-fusion 7.02.07. Does it need to be updated for this version of chrome?
Was it a new installation of chrome-fusion or an update?
The current version of chrome-fusion is v2.00.01

Not all infusions from the original php-fusion v7.02.07 work correctly in chrome-fusion.
Some infusion needed to be modified for chrome-fusion that they works correctly and some works without problems.

you can take a look in the infusions.php. If there
   ) TYPE = MYISAM;";

change it to

because TYPE keyword is depreciated (since 5.0) and not supported in MySQL5.5.
Or you can send me the infusion by email at . I will look on it, make it compatible and then post it on chrome-fusion to download it.
Chrome-Fusion v2.00.02 and v2.00.02 update are online

This update contains some bugfixes.

The language of this site is GERMAN.
LINK: http://chrome-fusion.de
Chrome-Fusion v2.00.03 and v2.00.03 update are online

This version contains support for php 7.2.x and some bugfixes.
Chrome-Fusion contains the following languages as locale:
- english
- german

The language of this site is GERMAN.
LINK: http://chrome-fusion.de
You should build it on Github as well. It will bring more traffic to your site, and let the community know more information about it.
Hey Patrick. Job well done man! I d/l'ed and installed the latest 03 version. Install was flawless !
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