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There was an error while processing your request in Articles

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Been adding many articles to a site I'm setting up for a friend and I'm using Fusion9.

At times, I try to add an article, get the error "There was an error while processing your request" and it goes back to add an article. Add the same data a second time and it works, but the NEW banner isn't there.

Is this a Server or Program Error? no errors are listed in Fusions error log....

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It is a token issue, ive noticed it as well. if you take to much time sometimes the token expires, also if you open a secondary session in a tab on your site the first session can fail once saved.
Ok, thanks Falk.. That now means that there really isn't an issue.. Just gotta watch how I do things. :-)
This token system is really starting to get on my nerves. 5 times trying to get one article on line and it still isn't there....No error reports either...

Hasn't happened in a while......

Before, I was entering articles while having open and updating, this members listing of articles. I've stopped that this time and the malfunction stopped....

Now, my fears are "what happens when we have numerous users on line and the organization is adding loads of articles??? Are these session tokens issued to the users or the program area?

Inquiring minds.....:)
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