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Unable to install RC4

Hey guys. I had RC3 installed and running fine for a while now. I completely deleted the RC3 install AND the database.
I then uploaded a fresh download of RC4, created a new database and tried to install RC4. No matter what I do all I get is:

Error: Unable to connect with MySQL.
Please ensure your MySQL username and password are correct

I have installed many many versions of PHP-Fusion over many years and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the info I input into the install form IS CORRECT. Like I said RC3 was running fine.

I have tried the same thing...

The solution for me everytime is the correct path to the database instead of "localhost" (the first line)

PHP Fusion has a default of "localhost" in database server, and it never works on my ISP, however the correct path solve the issue everytime.
Hmmm... that's very interesting. As I said RC3 was installed and running just fine with a setting of 'localhost' but... I will give your idea a try and see what happens. Thanks!
Let us know.
First of all that didn't work either. Second of all I feel like a real a&^%%^&(s... at some point along the way of testing RC3, and for some reason (I have no recollection of doing so), I must've changed my password for mysql user. After Icemans idea didn't work I changed the password and RC4 installed flawlessly !! All my fault guys.
hehe, no worries!
I do that type of stuff all the time , ty for letting us know :)
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