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Php 7 and php fusion.

Even tho i did read the reply on a former post about php 7 and fusion just telling people to "downgrade" then the problem is not everyone has that option. Some hosts offer php 7 and thats that, and while you can swap, it would still be a good idea to get it secured via php 7.

So question is will there be support for php 7 for the latest stable version or wil it come in a never version?
We have no problem running PHP7 in Version 9. The main concern is in PHP7 deprecated MYSQL and need MYSQLi or PDO
As already reported in Tutorials section comments:
A full working (but inofficially) update for PHP-Fusion 7.02.07 is available at german NSS: Link

This package provides PDO and MySQLi support. The whole core is updated to run under php 5.3 - 7.1

The update is mostly limited to stay compatible to 7.02.07
New features are: tinymce v4 instead v3, Grecaptcha v2 instead of v1, color chooser for tinymce editor background, filemanager for tinymce.

All unassigned arrays, class constructors, db functions and other deprecated codes are fixed.

This package includes a subfolder "update_only" to update existing Fusion 7 websites and a subfolder "full" for full installation.
During installation routine you can choose between pdo and mysqli.

If you only update existing websites you have to add a new line in config.php:
$db_driver = "pdo";

(if you prefer mysqli then replace "pdo" with "mysqli")

This update is for users who wants to wait before upgrading to Fusion 9 but having problems to run under newer php versions. Problems occuring at php 5.6 and higher.
Great! :G
For most of the part of the "wait" for upgrading to PHP-Fusion 9 is basically due to Forum Data migration on most of the part, which I do also encountered certain problems during migration of data for this very site. We'll need to run a poll soon which will help the devs to see if my observations are correct.

Recently, I've been upgrading forum multiple times using the data from this site to a newer site. From my observations, while the upgrade file is OK and do what it is intended to do, what we did basically was omitted implementation checks before doing an action. I thought it was a resource hog, but as it turns out, it was necessary. Since v7 has been out for almost a 10 years before the release of the first version 9.0 public, most active sites have some sort of mods going on, or even modded on the table itself, that including this very site which I'm currently working on.

This is where the checks and assists is required for the upgrade files. So, I'll be testing and patching the Git upgrade files for forum soon as I'm done with my work of setting up a new site here.


As already reported in Tutorials section comments:
A full working (but inofficially) update for PHP-Fusion 7.02.07 is available at german NSS: Link

Testing it for a week now and works fine. Thanks! :)
Thx for your response. ;)

Since yesterday there is a updated version available with following fixes:
- renewed allowed mime types
- watermark in gallery albums now working (never does before for .png images)

We call this version "inofficial update 1.2"
Thanks for the updated version! :G
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