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Fusion on MariaDB


We recently installed PHP-fusion version 9.00 for our new community website. However we are getting a lot of error messages in the error log.

I then just discovered that our webhost has changed from MySQL to MariaDB.

Does this pose a problem with PHP-fusion? Or is it something else?

The errors i am getting looks like below:

Undefined index: thread_tags
Line: 527
opendir(PHOTOS): failed to open dir: No such file or directory
Line: 63
Undefined variable: time_overdue
Line: 595

There are more errors than these, but hopefully these could give someone a hint what the problem is, if not the MariaDB thing.

It is not made with MariaDB, however with PDO it should run just fine. What you see there are called notices, if everything seems to run fine. It will run fine. Not a single notice should exist on our final product.
Alright, so no worries then?

I just noticed that the "quick moderator options" in the forums doest work either, could that be a bug?
Hello, these are not MariaDB concerns. It's about the installer in the infusion is older than the actual running script problem.
`thread_tags` is missing in your DB_FORUM_THREADS SQL column.

Do have a look at our current progress small fixing and upgrading on the RC4 to RC5. https://github.com/php-fusion/PHP-Fusion/compare/9.01...9.02
Okay will definitely have a look at it.
Does this include the problem with the moderator options in the forums?
No I don't think so, i have no problems running the forums in 9.02

There were a couple of glitches yes in RC4 that we found out not working.
- delete posts in thread (not appending)
- viewthread problems when post is not in sync
- parent updating post count (not counting correctly) when has subforums.

These were the fixes that have been reported, found and fixed in RC5 latest status.
Okay, ill just wait to see if RC5 will fix that.

Thank you very much for your help.
As a final note. MARIADB users must use PDO driver. In config.php, pdo enabled must be 1.
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