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Upgrading error

I'm now trying to upgrade from 7 to 9.
I am using the latest PHP-Fusion Package available on Github.

What I do:
- Copy and replace old files with new files
- Run the install.php file
- Installer detects old DB, and I click to proceed the installation / upgrade.
but it gives me this error:

Warning: filesize(): stat failed for config_temp.php in /home/acumstiu/gpsreview.de/test/includes/classes/PHPFusion/Installer/Install.core.inc on line 795

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/acumstiu/gpsreview.de/test/includes/classes/PHPFusion/Installer/Install.core.inc:795) in /home/acumstiu/gpsreview.de/test/includes/core_functions_include.php on line 312

After a closer look, I found out that it deletes my config.php file.MySQL database is not affected.

What do I do wrong?

(PS: tried with a clean PF7)
Script has error. Ok. Like this
Create new _config.php blank file. Try install.

The installer will check database exists and will not drop any tables.

Back up all SQL tables nevertheless.

Do not run the installer without a backup copy.

I will check the installer again soon.
Created blank file "_config.php" .
Restarted the installer, but it doesn't see my actual DB, it's just going for a fresh install.
I think it would be a good idea to make a separate DB altering script for this kind of upgrade (it's HUGE, because my total DB size it's over 100mb). It's nice and stylish the actual one, but I think we need something more powerful for V7 to V9 upgrade
The upgrade script does everything in order as simple as it get´s. I think the utf8 convertion can be the one that is rougher on larger databases, perhaps it is better to manually do it from phpmyadmin and comment that part out in the upgrade.
That's an idea I thought about, but I don't know where to take the sql commands.
Can you guide me trough?
In phpmyadmin you just set a new coalition on all your respective tables to UTF-8 ( utf8_unicode_ci )
Before anything else after that you remove or comment out everything below
dbquery("SET NAMES 'utf8'");

To the upgrade users part in upgrade/9.02.upgrade.inc
That will cut out the really heavy part from the upgrade, but it might also scramble some data you have stored in non utf8 fornat,
This doesn't help me (I guess...). I receive the error message at instant after starting the upgrade/install. I don't have errors because of the size of the db.
Can't I do the whole process only in PHPmyadmin ?
You can but it is a huge task. You would need to cross reference all changes, drops alterations manually that are in the upgrade file.
Esp access rights etc on individual items is quite hefty to change manually.
Check your PHP Version, it need to be 5.5+
PHP Version 5.5.24

So, what should I do now? I must do this upgrade, because my Google Adsense account got disabled. It appears that PHP Fusion 7, on it's functioning process, sends email info trough it's url system, or I don't know, I'm not an expert.
So I hope that with the new Fusion I can resolve this issue.
Please, I'm offline right now!
If you are offline, Restore a backup copy until you found the way to do a safe upgrade on your large database.
In what tables do you have the info?, is it just News or do you also have Forums and large user tables?
What I am getting at here is that you can narrow down what you need to do.
Make a copy of your primary database then make a fresh install. Adjust your mysql backup with correct values and then import it and you should be up and running.
The most info I have is in _users, _posts, and _comments. I also need news and articles.
I also have some additional data like Pro Download Panel and other infusions, but I can go trough without that data. I can replace it in time,
So, I'm only interested in basic information. (I already know that user_fileds won't be migrated)

What I tried is this:
- Fresh install of V7
- Import backup of tables which I'm interested in
- Tried to apply upgrade of V9 over it

....and than got that error.
I have no way to test it atm, but it sure seems to run a few nasty bugs in the new installer / upgrade procedures since RC 4.
The integrity on my current setup can´t be jeopardized until I finished my work.
I would like to say that in the current state of the Git. I recommend RC 4´s system for upgrading. However it is not 100% bug free and you might need to copy and paste codes from the active Git to make it work as intended ( News for one ), however if you are in a hurry that is what id vote for.
So, where can I download RC4?
I tried in other way, still no results.

Copy PHP Fusion 9 Files only in root folder. Copied old config.php in root folder with PF9 files.
In phpMyAdmin I have the DB from V7.

I hit the install.php page. I follow steps, it detects the old DB. I hit "Save and Proceed" but I got this error:


Please make sure you have filled out all the MySQL connection fields.

I filled all MySQL fields..... so I'm back to zero now.
foc_in_gaura attached the following file:
error_1.jpg [81.62kB / 102 Downloads]
Config_temp.php file is being deleted when upgrading:


Work in progress to fix at least the installer now to cover update process.


// database settings
$db_host = 'localhost';
$db_user = 'root';
$db_pass = 'root';
$db_name = 'php-fusion-test';
$db_prefix = 'fusion2811q_';
$pdo_enabled = 1;
define("DB_PREFIX", "fusion2811q_");
define("COOKIE_PREFIX", "fusiont9564_");
define("SECRET_KEY", "9CnLlf398Q631yqaE223D8Yd2y8Jui1T");
define("SECRET_KEY_SALT", "t2FkM597iukHX7G63714xf5Zl4Uhga5k");

This is needed when you run Version 9.

I'm trying to verify v7's config.php --> when run installer rename to --> config_temp.php to config.php for Version 9 now.
Update is done on RC5 9.02 - Please post if trouble remains.
Great work Chan!
Restore your system to 7 use RC 4 and follow these upgrade instructions https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/wiki/documentation.php?page=220
It is confirmed working.
I can confirm that it now proceeds wit h the upgrade. Still have some errors, but I think it's my fault there.
I must try first with a clean V7
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