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Switch from PDO Driver to MySQLi

I have real problems with site speed, and I think it's because PDO driver.

How can I switch to MySQLi?

I tried using the install.php for this (changed php-fusion version in phpMyAdmin to an older one). I did the "upgrade" with MySQLi driver, but when it ended, I couldn't login anymore (same with other users).
So, how can I switch it without this problems?
$pdo_enabled = 0; in config.php
Any issues related to the new MySQLi driver need to be specified and with an error report to it in order to nail it swift.
I got no error in Error Log about this, but the site it's working very slow. I found out that PDO is much slower than MySQLi, so I thought to give it a try!
I tried to replicate your issue with no success, I disabled PDO (0) in config so I am running on new mysqli driver. The logout and login works just fine for me and other basic commands seems to also work at an glance. If you don´t have any errors I can´t do much more than that atm.
It's ok for me to if I disable it in config.php. The problem was when I used the install.php.
But I noticed something (using Septenary theme). My website logo isn't shown, but when I had that error, the logo was visible. Also icons under the banner : News, Articles, Gallery, Downloads, are also not shown, but at that time, it were.
What could be the problem?
The link thing was issued earlier, https://github.com/php-fusion/PHP-Fusion/issues/1168
It seems to be connected to permalinks but for the rest I am at lost with no error reports generated.
mysqli are quite new tho, it has not been put to test so much yet. Chan completed it just recently.
The whole system will be tested and re-evaluated by me from a to z in all modes once I am done with our Hosting Services that we want to offer with 9, if nothing else then I will know what is ok and not for the most part.
The problem is tha I don;t even have permalinks options in my Admin Panel. I cannot access that settings.
The most common error I got in forum is when I or a user are posting :


There was an error while processing your request.

Or sometimes it just loads for 1 minute and than gives a blank page. On refresh, sometimes it makes double post.
Please do me a favor, I just need your current SQL table structure. Can you export it without data and attach it as zip files here.

See image for settings. (Structure without Data).
Chan attached the following file:
foc_in_gaura attached the following file:
gpszone-structure.zip [6.61kB / 182 Downloads]
Give me a day or two.

Basically, what I did was, delete config_temp.php - remember your old prefix cookie and table prefix before you do that.
Then I import into my MySQL - into a table called "gpzone",
Then, in the table form, all I did was just put in the information as required.
Then the table builds.

I tried with blank fields as well.

I tried on v7's installer, then run install, OK.
I tried on v7's installer, then I delete config.php and run install, OK
I tried on v9's installer, then I delete config.php and run install, OK
I tried on v7's installer, then I deliberately change site version to version 3. Ran upgrade, OK.
I tried on v9's installer, then I deliberately change site version to version 3. Ran upgrade, OK.

Those having problems with upgrade, just make sure you run your installer without config.php
Those having permanent white screens - delete your browser cache.

Note: I put the message status and shut down the Jquery meter for faster performance of the installer. it's a failed attempt anyway. I'll just erase the whole code of the stupid progress meter and shorten down the message status.
The upgrade works like charm, I never said it didn't (after you solved that mysql fields issue).
My problem si only for performance. I contacted my hosting company. I'm now waiting for a answer from them. I asked them if I can switch to PHP7.
Now, I'm very glad to hear the upgrade works. OK, for performance site issue, I'll work on the issues when it is available to me this week.
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