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List of Suspected Bugs & Errors 9.02

Permalinks can't be enabled and this is after inspection on my VPS whm/cpanel

its happened when you not on apache2handler
if you run FastCGI - CGI - SuPHP you will have this problem ,
its not server side bug !


i enabled SEO Links from database tables , and every thing is fine but i found on RC4 and on 9.02 when i enable SEO links browser page titles disappeared on the following infusions

Gallery - News & Faqs

Third on forum
Like system not working ; redirect me to somewhere https://forum/thread/view-1/1/Test-Thread-Forum#post_1

Code not nested well

this for now

testing On

Thank you for the attention. I'm happy for such participation. Keep it coming, so we can keep counting in the fixes.

Although we had made it to use the forum for main communications. Usually, if there is an issue for discussions, then forum is a good choice since everyone will know what's going on. I do development report on forum.

But if it's plainly 'issues n fix', with not much discussions needed, you can try using the Github issues.

They get the developer's attention twice faster there, and you get notified at once when they are done. It's a developer to developer thing.

- Like has no SEO driver rule yet.
- Code not nested well ---- this one I have to admit the design is VERY bare. We can use some php modellers and code shuffling.
I might want to add here... the main objective of the whole 'RC' cycle is to get a balance between feature and drafting the basic of the codes on how to achieve that. Basic stuff based on experimentation and learning higher coding level. It takes a lot of focus to sit down and boil one good piece of code.
I will slowly clean up each infusions one by one with the better codes after Stable.

Is it right ???
That has been fixed. The misinformation was caused by triggering to insert breadcrumb on admin class constructor.

Maincore loads all infusion_db.php entire site when page refresh, hence triggering admin icons insertions inside the db.php script. While it was prepared for admin, it also triggered init of admin class on the front end. However, was fixed.

Now I will revert soon that these infusion-db files will only load during admin start.

9.02 still have some mileage before we show it to the world as official. But so far, 9.02 beats 9.01 in terms of features and performance by a great margin. It's definitely looking good.

I am now looking and inspecting token, hopefully not to break anything. ;)
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