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Moving to another CMS/forum platform.

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I¨m sorry if this is not the right place to post, couldn´t find the proper section. (Please move it to the right section.)

I was wondering if I can change my website/forum platform from Mybb to PHP Fusion 7.02.07 and that I can move over forum posts, members databases etc.
Have search the net and came up with nothing on how to do this. I´m quite new to this, so if there´s any documentation, would be nice. :)

I already have installed PHP Fusion on my server. Now I only need to copy the databases over, if it´s possible?

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I'm not sure for version 7.. But we're not yet working with a converters with other CMS/Forum Software yet. They will be generally available at request after Version 9.02 complete.
Thanks for answering.

Well, that's a pity.:| Have to manually then move threads, members etc to Fusion. Thank god there ain't so many.;)

Another question though..is it possible to use Fusion as only as a portal and landig page even though my forum uses MyBB forum software?
I can forecast a main concern with this.

The thing about bridging Fusion and other CMS is the users login and sharing same login session with other CMS, meaning nobody needs to have to login twice. If your users don't mind the isolation, and bear with it. It's OK to do what I think you are going to do.

The only way to login both end once locally is to use to double post and double login in a single script. That means you need to authenticate fusion and myBB at the same $_POST event. A custom script need to be coded for this.
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