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HTML in Forums

I want to give our forum users more flexibility when they create posts in the forum by being able to use HTML instead of simple bb code. I want them to be able to use bb code as well as HTML. Our site and the forums and other content is closed to anybody that we do not activate manually from the users admin panel so nobody that was not invited in can do anything on our site. It is a gaming clan site and I want to let our users use HTML if they choose to in the forums. I looked for infusions that would enable this but have not found anything. I use v7.02.07 so if there is an infusion or file that I can edit to get this functionality I would greatly appreciate your comments here. I am not worried about any security issues since our site and forums are closed to clan members only.
You need to mod to do this.

If you're implementing bbcode, the inputs have

function. (https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/wiki/documentation.php?page=9 somehwere) in the forum input field.

You can replace it with

function (https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/wiki/documentation.php?page=115)

For BBcode Parsing, we use :


For HTML parsing, we use:



Find them in the forum files using CTRL+F or Find in Path if you have a good IDE, and mod away.

Forum Posts are stored in DB_POSTS for version 7.

You can either run either one, but not both at the same time due to preventing bbcode parsing at the unwanted text string.

I'll include this request in Version 9 for future product roadmap.
Ok thanks got it. Now if I edit the code for the values you gave here, will it use the same toolbars that are used for the bb code or change them to something that is compatible to use with html? I just need to know if when somebody uses one of the toolbar functions like embedding an image or video will the same toolbars still be there and function as html. Will it give them buttons to create tables and such?

I am also assuming that the files that need to be edited are forum/post.php and forum/viewthread.php or is there a different file that I need to edit?
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