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2/3/2017 RC5 Update for Core Devs

To all developers and followers of PHP-Fusion CMS project,

Critical Change in Files/Folder Structure affecting Homepage
Affect: Version 9.0.2 Branch

Today's git have been reflected and I have 2 notices I wish to address:

1. Removal of Home_panel and subsequent dependencies.

I'm removing custom mod home_panel due to following factor:

a. Home Panel looks (ugly) with Bootstrap and Septenary Theme. Hence, custom TPL needed for this due to the seperate layouts in design.
b. It's inexpedient for devs to keep up with 5 infusions module changes one by one checking one by one and testing one by one.
c. RC4 users have not been exposed to such a change.

It's impractical to go on develop at this late stage, and create more issues. However, dropping it will fix 3 issues immediately on RC5 due to non-development, and does not conflict on RC4, I feel that I had to let it go, so removal has been implemented.

I simply do not have time to continue further development and causing more more issues during the testing rounds. So, it is the only reasonable choice at this stage to remove it. We can have another go in the later date with a better attempt, when our infusions go more mature.

2. Opening Page goes back to home.php

There are 2 issues here:

1. The home SEO driver is currently commented out on home.php, I'm opting for restoring it as per RC4. Those who have RC4 SEO going, will crash on RC5. But viewpage.php simply isn't compatible with it, with a fatal error 500 should opening page is viewpage.php and if you have a RC4 driver. Instead of going to code an update on the dropping of the rules. I know people don't like when core deletes stuff during upgrade.

2. The new viewpage.php?page_id=1 from installation of Page Composer Data... is simply too ugly to be used on Septenary or Bootstrap, again is a big design issue. Have you look at it? Those are full width design.

So, I've pulled it out from install, and make a custom requirement once you've installed Nebula Pack from FusionTheme. You will see a question when you first load the site. It's not pretty solution, but it does the trick. But 10 out of 10 developers will not use Nebula. They will fork, so again, it's just a demo page and by moving it whole and full into Nebula, core is lessened by 754kb because of them image.

For current RC5 developers, there is 2 things you need to do before Sync on the Git.

1. Backup your files. Go to home_panel.php and replace all codes with a simple print_p(debug_print_backtrace()); It will show you which source called this file, and you can remove it manually.
2. When Nebula ask you to wish install a demo page, simply click No.
3. Sync Git

I'm looking at 48 issues. They will be gone soon before Falk starts round 2.

This only reflects on the RC5, an unreleased in-development RC version. It will not reflect on the community at large.

Thank you
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