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Cant add news

My website quite working good for a year.
Now strange problem appear. Whenever i try to add news, it redirect to the main page.
That is : ?aid=xxxxxxxxxxxc key not working.

How May I correct this errror
Is your admin rights working?
I can log in admin area and add news section also.
But redirection occur when I try to add news.
What is your PHP Fusion Version?

Check your site path. Is your site path correct?
I am using version v7.02.07
Site path is unchanged since installation. The problem is occurring for last month.
I am attaching path setting
subodh attached the following file:
untitled_7.png [7.1kB / 30 Downloads]
We'll try 2 fold solution:

Take this file : https://github.com/php-fusion/PHP-Fusion/blob/7.02.07/administration/news.php

Replace this file and check if the file is correctly uploaded.

Also, run this code anywhere before : https://github.com/php-fusion/PHP-Fusion/blob/7.02.07/administration/news.php#L292

Copy and Paste in:

// Function to check aidlink consistency
function run_me() {
global $aidlink;
if (!empty($_GET['aid']) {
$current_system_aid = $_GET['aid'];
} else {
die('NO AID');
echo "<strong>iAUTH</strong> now is ".iAUTH."<br/>\n";
echo "<strong>AID now is</strong> now is ".$_GET['aid']."<br/>\n";
if (iAUTH != $_GET['aid']) {
echo "You got a problem with IAUTH keys.";
} else {

// now check your redirect path
$redirect_path = FUSION_SELF.$aidlink;
echo "<strong>$redirect_path</strong>\n<br/> is correct?";

// run the function

1. Check your administrator account . User Level must be 103,
2. Your redirect path is correct or not finally.
3. You need to find the redirect() function and comment it with 2 double forward slash "//" as well to run the test when Post here:

If it is still redirecting, there MIGHT be a panel running that is hindering you from posting. Disable all panels and try again.
I tried it. It gives me blank page. When clicking on "administration/news.php"
I have ensured that I have followed all your instruction.
I have tested I can add articles and extra pages. Problem only lies with news.

Merged on Apr 02 2017 at 05:05:32:
I have tried fresh installation. It also gives the same error.
I cant add news
See if your host changed PHP Version, maybe you can downgrade it some? around 5.5 should work. Fusion 7 won´t run to well on the latest PHP Versions.
Did you try with a default theme like Gilette? I have similar problems with non default themes.
Yes , I have tried fresh installation and still get the error. I think it's problem with server. But I cant get any error log file so I can get the idea.
News addition can be done via member submission. It's only problem with "administration/news.php"
No files have been altered. I have tested with fresh install.
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